🏚 Sym doesn't have a role, thats the main problem, "Blame Dev's Economically Needs" (Mega topic)

You may as well just stop talking. Because at this point, you’ve lost the argument.

This was a discussion not an argurement, if you refuse to believe the truth and walk over to the hills of cotton candy and candy canes.

I am just saying I told you so, when you die in the most hellish fallout like environment possible.

Basically you go have “fun”, but you will likely get banned in higher levels of “comp”.

And thus this continues…

Dismissing anyone else’s opinions, and claiming they were either ‘lucky’ or ‘playing with noobs’ shows you have little to argue.

What truth? You mean your opinion?

Look, gonna quote N7warrior who just pointed this out in another topic, just now. “she’d be in the pros with their pro teamwork dismantling goats. But she’s not because she’s not good. The effort put into making her work isn’t optimal not guaranteed like any other hero in the game.” Its time to admit it, the symmetra rework was a failure - #92 by N7Warrior-1327

Right, so because 1 person says it, that means it’s correct? She’s just not meta. Sure she needs some little buffs, but she’s not terrible or unplayable.

You know you contradicting yourself. Right?

How? I’m sharing my opinion. However, you’re trying to prove that she is terrible, when your only bit of evidence is ‘pros don’t play her, and this 1 guy said she’s bad’.

I can see why alot of the old Sym mains quit.

Stop repeating yourself. Especially when it’s just a poor argument.

Looks like I can’t: 🏚 Sym doesn't have a role, thats the main problem, "Blame Dev's Economically Needs" (Mega topic) - #32 by Doomfish-21368

I mained old Sym and i main the current Sym as well.Both version had pros and contras,but the current version have the chance to be buffed into viability even on high ranks.
There are a few issues with her but fixing them isnt hard. Her main problem is basicly what you yourself stated, she dosnt have a proper role.
She is not a support and definitely not a tank, yet for some reason she have an enormous shield as an ultimate which is just wrong on so many levels.
Unleashing a few moving double HP turrets around her for a few seconds would be a more suitable ult as a close range DPS.

The contradicts continue, she is primarily a close range DPS, yet she dosnt have any utility to help her survive,other than that clunky,unreliable,slow teleporter and she isnt strong enough to kill her enemies fast enough either.

They could take 2 direction on fixing her:

1: Rework again, and make her kit help her survive, right now even Torbs overload but with shields would benefit her more than the teleporter.

  1. If she is to stay as a close range DPS (because of her left click range), but without any change to her survival capabilites, then she NEEDS to be dominant af on close combat. Making her gun charge way faster or do more damage to begin with is the only way to do so.
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I hope devs would be brave and talk. But I don’t see that happening for a while.

She doesn’t need to have a fixed role. You can play all heroes in multiple roles and in multiple ways. She is playable at higher levels if you can put enough time and effort to learning her.

Not really if you’re a good Symmetra player you will beat heroes like Pharah, Reaper, and Junkrat in damage. Most Sym players are too scared to make good use of her Primary Fire and let me tell you, in this meta she’s the best dps to use against Goats.

Keep hearing its one way or the other. But one side has actual data then feelings sooooo

This was satire. Right?

No people actually seem to have this fantasy that Sym is good. Really sad,

Sym was reworked right when a character she countered was added and also right when dive fell out of the meta

Again. Another Sym forum that could have been wonderful and got meaningful discussions out reuined by bias and people thinking
“I’m right your wrong your stupid and your point is invalid”.

Guys get along. Symmetra forums are getting worse than mercy forums because no one can even take a hint that both versions were and ARE flawed.

Just suck it up. Speak constructively and


Sorry I am quite madden at this point: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)