Geoff appreciation thread

I prefer consistent mines since Geoff in this thread basically said 140 nade isn’t possible (Despite Hanzo doing 125 already and being more than able to do it fater, or widow being able to do that without even any boost.).

The only thing left is consistent mines.


Thank you for looking into the teleporter for both Sym and Reaper :slight_smile: I think consistency (location, bugginess) for the ability overall is the most important part to start with.
A teleporter interact radius being increased would help immensely, though, if speed is not something that you guys want to start with. That would help it be a tad more consistent. (Yes, however, I do think the tele speed deployment could be buffed a tad.)
Thanks to you guys for being responsive lately with PTR changes and such for multiple heroes.

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Wait, this was in Closed Beta?

Why wasn’t this revisited? I would have loved a change like this to combat Dive’s 5 season long fatigue, and it sounds like it could very easily break up GOATs currently.

That move does sound fun, if you could charge it or use all your missles at once if you press that skill xD maybe only unlocked after 50% ult charge. Spends your Ult charge.

An idea I had, was that Mercy could ‘channel’ 25-50% of her self-healing passive onto her M1, but only while the passive was active on herself

Limit Teleporter to 3 teleports then Geoff, not go faster

(See here: 💔 Likely going the wrong direction again with Sym and Reaper )
(and 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19))

what does this mean exactly? does this mean you were considering making junkrat’s bomb immediately explode instead of bouncing? or making it so his bombs didn’t do splash damage once they bounced. either way i’m glad you didn’t do the changes but i’m a bit confused what those changes were

this is a really cool ability that;d love to see on a future hero. maybe as a tank? i feel like making it a smoke bomb would make it more balanced that just an invisible barrier, since you’d be able to tell where the smoke bomb was.

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It means that after it hit the floor or bounce away, it will not detonate if someone steps on top of it and will only explode after the timer.

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I would love to see some changes/buffs/tweaks/experiments with Reaper.


yeah that would seem kinda bad and awkward.

Even if it was just a bigger interact radius it would really help in Grav.

Just wanna say this made my night.

At this point, I don’t care what change does end up getting decided on (scratch that, I’d care if it was a nerf, pls no nerf)

I’m just happy that Mercy is finally getting officially acknowledged that there are is actually a possibility that she could use a buff, when instead it could have just been written off as “Mercy’s fine, stop complaining” like we’ve seen so many times before.

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Geoff, when Sym was being reworked it was stated that her orbs would fire at 30mps. Did balance find that was too high for her?

this is huge, tbh. Really appreciate posts like this :smiley:

As a temporary solution, you could look into just having tele and shadowstep blow up railings on casting.

what about doomfist ultimate? it was stated that his ultimate got nerfed so he doesnt get “free” kills on non mobility heroes like ana / zen but they can literally walk around a wall and make his ultimate useless. can doomfist land faster?

These changes to railings sound fantastic! When they’re eventually looked at, can you also look at the interaction between railings and Doomfist’s Seismic Slam? Slam is often used as an escape to high ground after using Punch and Uppercut, but railings have a nasty habit of getting in the way, preventing you from using Slam to get to safety until they’re broken. 2nd point Rialto comes to mind.

I can’t wait either…

[Insert Disney’s Hercules “It’s Gonna Be Big” Meme/Gif, Here]

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I want to believe this. But I don’t.

So many unpopular changes have been implemented that leave heroes in the gutter for months, changes that affected players have banged pots about to try to get your attention about in how it will drastically, negatively affect a hero.

It’d be one thing if it were just straight number buffs or nerfs… but you routinely change underlying systems and mechanics to something that definitely feels off, wrong, or not even close to the same ballpark of engagement…

Rather than reconsidering, testing alternative routes publicly, or meeting the affected players halfway and partially reverting in a TIMELY fashion, their feedback is either ignored, or you double down and strongarm those players into accepting it through either radio silence, or with a developer post with a “deeper” look with a bunch of nitty gritty numbers.

  • Widow’s scope “cancel” – which, you successfully convinced the entire Overwatch population was an animation cancel despite it being in existing in literally every ADS sniper scope in other games before, during, and after Overwatch’s release.

  • Animation cancels in general, removal & special exceptions.

  • Sombra’s hack time, stealth contesting and movespeed.

  • Every rework. Symmetra and Mercy especially.

  • Refusing to re-add true 21:9 support (especially after the patch that adjusted Rein’s barrier camera to enable seeing around corners).

  • Roadhog’s hook breaks.

  • Lucio’s wallride jump tech.

Even the most recent PTR patch has this, and it’s really upsetting because it feels like we have no control when you drastically change Lucio’s movement for the fourth(?) time, or add a tradeoff to Widow’s ultimate that didn’t exist because you felt a QOL buff was too strong on an ultimate that has always felt relatively weak.

And, there are a TON of QOL improvements that could be added that we’ve suggested, specifically to alleviate frustrating problems, and they just aren’t ever seen or considered.

It really doesn’t feel genuine to me. I want it to. But it doesn’t, and I just really don’t like the direction the developers are steering this game…

And since I wrote a rather negative message in an appreciation thread I just know I’m going to be jumped upon by other players rushing to defend Geoff… I hope he doesn’t feel offended by this, since I don’t mean any harm.