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I feel like “the path is closed” achievment will be doable soon.
Perhaps she gets 2 teleporters as an ability(which cant be placed in spawnarea) and you can teleport forth and back?


Sym is a trash hero design so it’s going to be difficult to rework her. Considering how long it’s taking to simply implement Hanzo’s changes, I think it could take a year to change Symmetra.


They’re turning her into an Emotional Support character. She can’t heal you or kill anyone, but she’s a good listener.


I think the point is for them to be so slow and incompetent that the 1-2 actual updates we get each year seem significant and distracts us from the fact that most games push out higher quality content at 5x the rate Blizzard does.


They set the bar so low anytime something happens you feel even better about it. Kind of sad really.


Haha look at him he got diamond portrait and he is only in diamond with 6% uptime…(every comp troll ever)

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:wink: I get what’s going on now thanks. (Was actually going to quit if she was changing to a Defense Hero.)


Geoff G. is a Sym god.


This has me so excited honestly!

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Because, if you dont have 2 healers, you risk the situation where healer 1 dies, and…thats it. You will be wiped out because the other team has sustain, and you do not.

PS: Sustain can be armour (Brig) healing (everyone else in Support but Sym) or Shields (currently nobody).


I’m someone who has recently picked up Symm and I’m allowed to give my opinion. If they’re changing Symm this is the time to do so - furthermore her core “utility” is irrelevant as they are doing massive reworks.

“why would anyone pick sym if she is just another dum graded version of every healer that already exists”

Well as my post you responded to detailed, she would not be like every healer that exists because she’d be a builder healer. Which I think is pretty darn interesting and would love.

We need more main healers and no more offhealers. We only have two true main healers in Ana and Mercy. I’d love if Symm added to that. But the point is, Symm is the only support who can’t heal - that shouldn’t be a thing.


That doesn’t mean Sym has to become a main healer.

Her backstory can be summed up as someone who can literally make hardlight constructs out of anything, but her only tools are things that any hero could have without needing backstory to justify it. She deserves to be able to do more than that, and making her another main healer would equally waste her design unless you made it a unique tool that involved more than holding down M1.

it won’t happen. 99.9% of people who plays Symmetra doesn’t want this to happen. we’re praying for daddy Jeff to not let that happen.
And i’m pretty sure they already said they would put her into the Defense first before making her a healer.


Does this means that based on the screenshot Symm’s gonna have either a pocket teleporter on CD? Maybe it either have a very limited uptime or can only transport 1 person each time, which basically shoe horn it as a rez?


Moira is a main healer.

I do think that Jeff mentioned a few weeks back that they weren’t opposed to changing sym’s role. Either that means they plan to move her out of defense, or into more of a healer role / actual support.

Just my speculation. Though, I don’t think she should be a healer, honestly.


I get your idea and yes it sounds interesting but present sym was able to do much more than nest turrets.

Its still interesting to get creative and adapt with turret placements and stuff but my only fear for not making sym a healer-builder is people will just nest turrets so that teammates can go to the spot for quick heal and go back. Many people who main sym are mocked for being ‘non-healer’ would it be justifiable for them to just have the haters win after all the hard work they put into her? These people take pride in being a support who doesn’t heal.




She doesn’t have to, no, but I’d like her to have a healing ability at the bare minimum.

That’s fair, I’m fine being part of the 0.01% :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehh, I mean main healer in the sense of “that’s all they can do” type of thing. Moira is more of a hybrid healer/dps and while she excels in quick burst healing she can also do well at picking off flankers and what not. Ana and Mercy are pretty much limited to healing / utility.

This is actually really brought up my day… been rough lately.

Been worrying all the time.


Her shield generator counts. You don’t have to like it, but granting regenerating health to your allies is a form of sustain. It can affect all allies at once at the tradeoff of not being as on demand, but it’s good at protecting from burst better than other healing.


Eh, she does more than Ana for damage, but I wouldn’t say she’s a hybrid. My damage is fairly low on her normally as the healing orb is generally more useful. My best game as her was almost two weeks ago now in comp, and I healed nearly 29K damage done! I only did like, 3-4K.