Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

Do you want to get banned for ruining multiple other peoples games, get grief and avoided into 75395783 hour queues?


Do you want a rework?


To play her only on certain points or certain maps?

Cause as it stands, you get one.

In her current state, when people want to use her all the time is like saying 'this is my favorite screwdriver I am going to hammer nails with it" then wondering why your boss fires you and laughs, or saying “This is my favorite paring knife I am going to chop the onions with it when it’s only good for peeling the onions and wondering why everyone is laughing at you.”… … … … … …

Id like if they give her 2 guns (similar to torb and mercy) with shared ammo one would be the new zarya like gun and the other the regular lock on beam

You can change a lot about Sym through raw numbers alone.

Can you provide some examples without making her OP?

You can’t touch her dps though. Because making her do more damage at the cost of no skill doesn’t work. The community would be infuriated.

Same can be said of Widowmaker, Genji, Tracer, Ana, Doomfist, Sombra…

That contradicts what Jeff told us a few months ago. He specifically said that they expect Symmetra to be niche, she don’t need major buffs, and even if they buff her, she will not have a pick rate much larger than what she currently have.

We were kinda expecting the TP changes, and everyone was ok with the turret changes (albeit with some worries about the reduced turret stash) in the thread Geoff spilled the beans. You can read in that very thread how the Sym players’ reactions changed from “that sounds nice” to “that’s changing too much” as he added the proposed changes to her gun and ultimates.


You’re basically saying that the worst behaving person on your team gets to determine whether your favourite hero lives or dies.

I’m gonna try and get every Widowmaker banned for playing her, then, maybe she’ll get reworked into a DPS too!


dont play her and you’re right it is for us cause sym mains sucked as she was and nothing they could do would fix that other than making a full kit change also this makes her bearable for low ranks without the lock on since they wont just get melted. Ive left the ranks were she was a problem but dear god do i remember how it felt i would just log off after getting melted cause i would be playing someone like ana and trying so hard.

I’m a Sym main, and I approve this rework.

I think it’s exactly what she needs and will help make her more viable and useful, and therefore increase her approval within the OW community, and decrease toxicity towards Sym players.


Yea she doesn’t need more DPS. She can do quite a bit already.

So how would I rework Symmetra through numbers alone without making her Op or without changing her character?

In addition to the numbers, if you give me the ability to mess with things like shape and size of the barrier and allow me to add some QoL changes to the Ult, this is what you would get.

It is not necessary to add wall hacks to turrets. They already fulfill that function.

With these numbers changes, she would play a lot more smoother and be a lot more stronger, without being OP.

The cooldown reduction on Photon Barrier is an example of buffing high-skilled Symmetra players, who are able get the most use out of this ability.

Funny fact, when Moira was released, they also said she was pretty much a better Symmetra because she had a lock-on beam and orbs.

Nowadays, everyone knows her beam is not lock-on, and her orb is vastly worse at dealing damage than Symmetra orbs, thus, not maintaining the same pressure Symmetra can keep on clumped teams.

Symmetra 3.0, as announced, will be just like Moira in this regard. Ie, people who do not play Symmetra think they are similar enough. But that would be the same as saying McCree and Soldier are equal because both are mid-range hitscan heroes with a lock-on ultimate.

Also, everyone loves the new turret changes, except for the stash reduction (that is controversial). Turrets were a good change, and would be very welcome on its own.


This… this 100%. Sadly, its not surprising. Its not the first time they do this. They did this to Mercy mains. And Symmetra won’t be the last one. They will go on and piss off Torb mains right after the Sym rework.


You know this a lie. The community is so toxic and cancerous. The moment Symmetra 3.0 becomes viable, people will be calling for nerfs and how “boosted” you are just for playing her even if you are like Silver, and it just won’t decrease toxicity towards those players, it will only fuel it. Its what happened to Mercy mains with 2.0. It was happening to Hanzo mains with 2.0, and it will absolutely happen with Symmetra 3.0.

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Im a Sym main and I can’t wait for the changes


A good example that failed. No amount of tuning or mechanical adjustments will make a Hero like Symmetra viable in casual and competitive play. She’s too situational, too inflexible, yet her power is too reliable to simply buff her without making the game a nightmare for low tiers. Symmetra mains either have to accept major changes, or accept that will be a generally sub-optimal pick.

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Honestly I’m not a Sym main but I do pick her up a bit, I really like her kit it’s not to hard to pick right up. At first it was difficult to be effective with her but after a few I got better. I love to play her and when I saw she was getting a rework I got a bit excited I thought it was gonna be something small like taking away her barrier and giving her something new or maybe a passive ya know? But when I saw the changes man I’m worried. It’s no where near the same Symmetra, I could see the teleporter changes possibly being good I could get over the three turrets but they are changing so much at once and I’m definitely worried

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FTFY (20 something, somthing)

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I totally dislike the new orbs. I mean, now that the barrier tanks are everywhere, she could be a perfect counter to shield bunkers… But blizz nerf it. To bad.

Since Sym really doesn’t do anything useful right now, she needed a total rework.

Also to a previous poster: her shield gen is gone because stacking 75 shields with 75 torb armor and 100 brig armor is insane. It’s the last thing that needs to happen.

Also her ult deployables are very binary. Either the enemy team doesn’t have anyone capable of or willing to hunt them down and they last forever, or they have someone who can and they never do anything useful because they don’t last long enough.

The idea of ultimate-level deploy-ables needs to be completely re-thought.

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