Sym Teleporter card

WTF is her E going to be teleporter… ?


I’m too afraid to ask about the “dramatic changes”

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It doesn’t show there for some reason but on the original post it shows the end card

It might work like mercy’s rez in which sym might actually be useful - at least hopefully she will be useful


if mercy was unfun to play against, sym with tp on cd or any similar op ability on cd will not be unfun. it will be baguette level UNFUN.

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We don’t know how long was that match

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assume normal length

long enough for 31 players to teleport. at least 310secs (5mins) of spawn time. around 15 mins of game, maybe more.

I was just talking yesterday how her ultimate might be still the same, but her kit could’ve been changed.

Like if her E ability was to build constructions, just like she builds a bridge in a sec on comics. This means she could put TP on safer places

Until they nerf her.

portal :three: feat. sym



Teleporter still an ult. However with a duration like 10-20 seconds duration. Then it despawns. (MAY NO LONGER BE A PERMANENT CONSTRUCT)
Holds X teleport charges, any remaining charges is refunded as it currently is, building towards the next ult.

Thats my idea anyhow.

That or a new E ability.

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If they were testing the changes, I assume the match lasted longer than normal.
And this is not final anyway.

It’d be cool if Sym just makes a TP out of thin air and it transports her team to her

…i hope this wont be mercy all over again

give us an OP hero then nerf her till she has nothing playmaking left

you can assume a normal game as they would not share a tilted hint

Or a strict player X to sym teleport on CD. Like an emergency GTFO of there ability.

Could it be a 2 way teleporter where each end has to be a within a certain distance of the other?

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strict portal style teleporter? possible. But doubtfull, since you would need to run and place teleporter X & Y sepperatly, unless its desployed like a reapers shadow step. But that would limit it to LOS laws.

I hope we dont make sym go the mercy route,

Also i hope they dont replace photon barrier, its a awesome ability