Anything new happening with Sym in the future?

… Timepass…

(Basically reasking my Question after 329 days… just cause: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19))

It took them 8 months to tell us her real primary fire damage values.

It’s taken 8 months and they haven’t said a single word about the teleporter, the most unreliable and buggy ability in the game by a massive margin.

We are missing simple qol options like the ability to destroy turrets to have control over which ones get replaced.

We’re still one of the weakest and most despised heroes in the game.

I wouldn’t expect anything at this point.

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Honestly I not expecting much either, since took “about” as long the first time to answer the above.

Have to keep trying, just so when they are ready to answer… this will exist.

Pretty much covered everything else in the old post.

there were so many suggest up meanwhile to face her bad designed teleport or turrets and most of them seem easy to implement and effective as well. i dont get why nothing happened yet tbh.

devs may think she´s fine… okay, maybe she is for them. but if so many ppl that actually wanna play her dont feel comfortable doing this, a rework is long ago overdue!

i like the idea of a 3rd person teleport.
i´d prefer a teleport though that is more accurate in placement AND has a faster deployment time OR shorter cd OR longer duration