The overmoji café: re

Oof you made an huge mistake

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reported for loving ashe


Awwwwhhh, guess I’ll die. [Insert Shrug]

I’m hoping to get the waifu Tracer skin when I come back home tonight! I’m excited! :smile:


I just opened my 50 crates and…

I got

  • Sanye Orisa! :heart:
  • Lu Bu Reaper
  • Zhuge Liang Zen
  • Huang Zhong Hanzo

Along with some past year skins I haven’t had the chance to get yet:

  • Qipao Sym
  • Fire Cracker Junkrat
  • Wujing Rein
  • Rooster Bastion

I guess fortune favors the bold. :wink:
I regret nothing! :smirk_cat:

Updated: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

You know the big Sym rework thing. (Blizz still has not reanswered)

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You bought 50 boxes tho

Say goodbye to Yuzuka, and hello to FURIYUKI!


Woah :open_mouth:
Nice name!

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Ya but it’s better than not getting any skins at all. I don’t have time to play all day and grind coins. I have school, work, and homework. :frowning:
I’d rather pay money to get the skins I like.

Yep yep! I finally decided to change it, since I enjoy this name way more.

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Tbh the price is expensive and I will only buy something to Blizzard if they get their stuff right and make Overwatch better. As for now, I don’t think they deserve my money even with the Archives event because that happens only once a year

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Have you checked the new emojis?
There is also a permanent one =3

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Okay, if you didn’t get it, check Reaper’s emojis

wait who are you i don’t know you

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why’d yuzuka change his name

Is the permanent one bunny Ana?

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That one was already, check Reaper’s emojis. You will see the new one

IDK which one it is :frowning:

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