🛰 Not Muda Special: Is Sym the Best Shield Breaker?

Being someone taxi is not fine.

This is just like it was in the beta with Genji and Zen.

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Teleport should probably grant you ult charge, whenever teammate uses it.

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…No… I think Teleporter and other stuff needs another rework.

Already given my suggestions.

And I haven’t heard anything better yet.

Seriously… think about all the Sym discussions I have had.

Even without rework, this small change would connect teleport to rest of the kit.
Turrets charge your ult, your primary and secondary attacks do the same, but teleport doesn’t grant you anything.

Would be even better, if all kills made by teleported teammate shortly after teleport count as kill assists for Symmetra.

I know she isn’t the best shield breaker but at least she does it better than some.

My suggestions are here: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

edit: DomPalto… your forgetting about the range factor.

Mei is stronger in defense then Bastion.

She is the best uber driver in the bunker comp

Who? Because I’m certain the developers have never explicitly stated that. This is just like how you guys keep twisting Jeff saying “we don’t know if she’s balanced or not” into “we don’t like the spot she is in.”

You’re twisting words to try to suit your point that Sym is bad when she is not. Nobody said she was the best at breaking shields. They gave her the barrier eating mechanic and people acted like she would do it effortlessly and simply labeled her as such. I’ve said countless times, she wasn’t given that to be a shield breaker. She was given that because most Syms already couldn’t reliably charge on the majority of squishies without getting obliterated and barriers were her only reliable source of charge.

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And how barrier-charging is supposed to fix that? Barriers usually have someone using them for protection, and that “someone” certainly won’t be just staring at Symmetra charging up her weapon on barrier.

More often than not, a barrier is going to clip through something or there will be some angle in which you can reach it from. Sometimes you even go completely uncontested because Orisa or w/e doesn’t realize you’re on the other side of a wall burning her shield. You only need like a pixel of that barrier to target it.

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Original 3.0 rework notes: “The goal of these changes is to move Symmetra to her new damage role and make her more flexible and viable across more areas of the game than she was previously. Now that Symmetra is no longer a support hero, she is expected to be able to dish out heavy damage, and these changes allow for her to do so. She should be more powerful and interesting in more team compositions and maps, and she should also be stronger on offense and defense.”

Would you say Sym is actually able to dish out heavy damage at higher levels currently?

Shocking how they’ve kept Sym a trash-can for 3 consecutive years now.

Actually, not really shocking.


Yes? I’m surprised you’d even ask me that question.

And with that quote, every single thing they said was true, except for her not being a support, as she still is to a degree. She is more interesting and flexible in a variety of team comps, or rather, could be. The TPs untapped potential comes into play with that. There could be very powerful strategies with dive comps and TP, but nobody utilizes them. She’s stronger on both attack and defense, most notably KOTH.

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I like the thumbnail, it’s really self-explanatory.

well, she would die if she has no shield :upside_down_face:

she regens ammo and can fire consistently to pressure shields.

it also doesn’t show Sym using her full kit. She could easily beat Rein if she jumped between Teleporters and used turrets but what you gonna do? :joy:

It’s a pretty funny video none the less. Not taking it seriously.

The answer is no. She only does “heavy damage” in the most unique situations.

But she very likely not to be in those situations.

Enter Bastion who basically replaces the lost “imagination” Damage with his.

They basically can’t work without the other.

Plus Orisa’s Shield

Thus you have Boss comp.

But apart… your basically a mess.

  1. Pretty much every other dps can have an impact without using a shield or being apron stringed to tanks and healers (who actually have to want to help Sym, whose unpopularity makes that a rare case - or at least conditioned Syms to not expect help.)

  2. If she’s targeting a shield, she’s not hurting ANYONE meanwhile the shield she’s either targeting is either old and no one is around or there ARE enemies near and they can just shoot her. Reinhardt only needs 3 quick hits to kill Symmetra meanwhile she needs to have burned through his shield, avoid charge, and maintain accuracy for longer than it takes Rein to kill her.

  3. Using long cool down turrets on ONE kill is not only a waste, but if any hero, not just Symmetra, needs to commit their long cool down abilities and resources to get kills SOMETHING IS WRONG with how that character was balanced and they need buffs stat.

Welp now waiting on the new ptr to go live.

So while it’s downloading

What do you think will be on the next ptr? 🍻 Next Ptr on the Horizon?

The irony is that Sombra would had been perfect for the second non-healer support slot. She only have one damage-dealing ability (her uzi), and everything else is scouting and disrupting. She would be the Support/Offense to Symmetra’s Support/Defense.

But instead, they choose to place her at offense and made people think she would be a different flavor of Tracer, notice she do not deal the same damage as Tracer, and call her useless.