I'm Just Going To Say It

While I think this is a cool idea, we’ve been down this road before and people raged against it.

Dressing it up as something else is no different, an ultimate ability turned into an on use ability is a terrible thing to implement.


I do agree with you. Either you end up with an (let’s say) E Ability that feels like a severely gutted version of the Ultimate, or feels like a severely overpowered E Ability. Or both.

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“I don’t care that you hurt your elbow…”

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A card for people teleported? What do this have to do with a more mobility ability? Has it been shown that it is just not her current teleporter or what?

I don’t think so, but the Overwatch YouTubers run on speculation, assumption, hype, click-bait, and taking 30 seconds of information and turning it into a ten-minute-long video.

Pretty much YouTubers in general, really, now that I think about it… :thinking:

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This is the card that Jeff shared with us:

31 people teleported with only 6% uptime is definitely not her current teleporter.

On a side note, seems like getting her Cute spray might become trivial.


Yeup. I love Blizzard, I really do, but even after over a decade at WoW they STILL struggle at balancing. This game will be no different, as we’ve seen. But that’s Blizz. I’d rather deal with that then a pay to win set up, haha.

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They are not a very reliable source for overwatch news and information.

I remember them posting a video saying how Dva shouldn’t get net nerfed, Mei and Reaper shouldn’t het buffs because they are already viable in the dive meta and that the meta keeps changing.

I’m kinda interested in what they will do with Symmetra. Her teleport ultimate is an interesting ability, but it could be hard to balance it as an ability.

Might so be, could just be a re-done ulti that is permanent until found or can be “restocked” somehow.

Permanent/restockable with only 6% uptime?
I think there is a bigger possibility that it is an ability that has a short duration but that is used frequently.

I like teleporter as an idea. But honestly, it’s such a situational ability that I don’t think it should be the core part of her kit. Didn’t we try that already on launch? That’s why she needed two ults in the first place. No one wanted her on the last half of maps because a massive part of her kit was useless.

They are experimenting still. The post was simply to give some insight into some of the things they are trying and to demonstrate that they are working on her.

Now when they get to the stage of sharing the final changes, thats when you can take there annoucements post more seriously.

I mean they can share an opinion on their channel. I don’t see a problem if Blizzard disagrees.

Not everything can be CORE. It is a powerful tool when used right, like so many other things.

Probably because balancing is a constant job. No game will never be truly, 100% balanced…short of Pong.

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…hey don’t knock pong. Rocked the heck outta that on my Atari. :laughing:

Let’s not assume it will be overpowered before we even know what is yet.

I don’t care that you broke your elbow

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You know, with some tweaking and lower numbers…
Nano boost could potentially be a good ability on a relatively long cooldown.

I personally think this would be good for Sym, that way we’ll always have shield gen, AND she can teleport teammates I do not see how this in anyway would be bad for her.
I also believe that her turrets should just be removed, I feel like they are what make her so situational, once they’re destroyed she close to useless and they can hard to put back up if the enemy has made a push.