I miss Symmetra 2.0!

There. I said it. And I dont care what you think.

I loved her very much.

She maybe couldn’t heal but she had soo much to offer:

  • High consistent damage
  • Area control
  • Health Buff
  • A Rein shield
  • Piercing high damage balls of death (which btw would have been excellent against GOATS now
  • The teleporter which actually functioned like a “poor mans rez”
  • she would have countered dive too with her lock on to a point
  • her fully charged beam was like a direct hit from a Phara rocket, she was a tank destroyer
  • with her microwave and her turrets, she could duel basically anyone.

She was bullied…but she was elegant, and she was proud, graceful, and in the right hands unstoppable.

And now she is gone… And all we have left is a teleport bot and a taxi for Bastion. Still is bullied and abused…who’s teleport is so bad it cannot even work properly.

Although I am more or less okay with Syms current primary, i believe that all she ever needed was just throwable turrets, more health and range on them. Quality of life changes that would allow her to be less stationary.
Everything else shouldn’t have even been touched.

And the matter of the fact is: you can make Sym the most OP character in the existence of gaming. Give her D.VA nukes as her right click, and Hanzo’s dragons as her E. Whatever the case, people would still hate her. Thats just how things are. If we knew that before, we would have learned to cope with the bullying, and not let anyone touch our hero.

I miss you Symmetra. I send you all my love.
Wherever you are, know that you always be in my heart, my soul and my memories <3


People who are mechanically insane outright carry the game. Aim is the foundation of a good player , especially on PC where the skill ceilings are much higher .
All you have to do to see this is watch a dafran stream and pray he’s not playing goats


I really do not care tbh.
Overwatch is not a traditional FPS. Having abilities is what makes OW stand out from the other games and makes it fun, and it should NEVER become generic like all the other shooters.
And aim elitism to that extent should be punishable because it leads to bullying and toxicity against players who simply have mechanical in-capabilities. And OW was made to be inclusive for everyone.


She has more utility than ever. Her ultimate is now much more appropriate for the game (hiding some recurring bonus generator doesn’t really fit with how ultimates work), while still being thematic and powerful. She has a higher max damage output up close, and a more generally useful ranged attack. Her turrets are significantly improved (and stop insisting that she could have those improvements without the other changes to balance them out). Her teleporter is a really good team utility, as well as a good flanking/harassment tool for her.

Symmetra only got more flexible and more interesting to play. Stop complaining about it being harder to just M1 and kill people who can’t aim, the things she gained were more than worth it.


Bullying ? I’m confused , who is bullying who?
If you are a GM tracer player , its a fact that your aim is incredible and is better than a plats , does this lead to bullying ? No, its why ranks exist in the game to differentiate people who arnt as good .
Having great aim is required to play certain heroes , and in OW , "high skilled " heroes produce high rewards , this is why genji and tracer are not played as much in lower ranks as there aim isn’t what is required to get the most out of the hero in question . Unless your playing goats then its a whole different story , lul

Why make this post then

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Thh i really miss her too. She was my favorite character :c


I made this post because of Symmetra. Not so much about aim.
In fact, I’d be fine with Sym having the current primary fire, as long as the other parts of her 2.0 kit have been returned with a few minor buffs and quality of life changes.

As someone who playes Sombra, Sym, Widow, Mei, I am fine with aiming, i am just annoyed that the “no aim OP” card has been used against Sym when people were complaining about her.

Like i said above, its not rly that much about the aim, im more upset about the other parts of her kit.

I suppose the post was a bit miss-directing as it focuses more on aim then on her actual kit. Ill fix that now


I liked the 6 turrets, put 3 next to door on Hanamura then 3 to the right where Heroes like Genji, Pharah, and Hanzo try to sneak through. Losing 3 turrets an the remaining 3 have some HP but are still 1 shot destroyed.

Pharah Ulting, throw that shield at her (which required aim by the way, for those that always said she was no aim) an OOPS, no Pharah. They made an ability an Ultimate, which changed how and when it could be used, making it less effective.

TP could bring your whole team back quickly from Spawn. Guess it was too much like Mercy’s Rez, kept the team going. Heck, I wouldn’t mind the current Symmetra with current TP if they hadn’t messed up the other parts of her kit. An why have to push another button, ‘F’ key on PC, just to use the TP? You can bet that console players had a harder time with this one since it required them to format another button on their controller. Now Symmetra is played as a glorified Taxi for the rest of her team to get past choke points.

Secondary fire not going through shields also hurts in a shield heavy game. Seriously, why change the great things about Symmetra just to put TP on ‘E’?

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I agree. Sym 2.0 was my favorite aswell.
I loved her Photon Barrier shield to take cover, shield allies from dangerous attack such as D.va’s ult or others ults…
Or her ORIGINAL actual functional TP who was actually useful…
Her lovely Shield Gen was amazing too to boost and shield you and your allies.

Also she was amazing to kick Genji’ butts with her old microwave… or anyone really.
And I miss to create traprooms with carwash 6 turrets … :sob::cry:

I would do anything to get Syms 2.0 back.


In my opinion this is what we need:

  • Moira style beam for Symm´s primary.
  • Bring back 1.0 or 2.0 secondary attack, allowing her to pierce barriers
  • Throwable turrets are OK.
  • Current teleport is OK.
  • Current Ult is OK.

So, all in all, I have problems with her primary and secondary attacks.

Bring back 2.0 shield, or give it to a new hero. That was an amazing ability.


The one thing I have to say about Symms current Ult is that it would have been better on a support or tank hero.

Doesn’t fit much with a dps character. Just my opinion thou.


I miss symmetra 2.0 so much.
I cant even describe how much I miss her.

the time when sym 2.0 was in the game was the only time I found the game actually fun.
I really don’t like symmetra anymore because her kit is lifeless crap but I still stick with her because I always mained her.
I will keep fighting for symmetra.

I miss shield gen, her shield and lock on the most out of everything.
no character ever was like symmetra 2.0
and sym 3.0 is a bootleg failed zarya copy crap.

the reason I go on the forums EVERYDAY is so I can try and make symmetra come back even though its pointless as we just get ignored by the devs.

I don’t see the point of ruining a perfectly fine hero.


I miss 2.0 Symmetra too.
I’m slowly getting used to Symmetra 3.0 but I still feel the need of Shield Barrier too much and end up picking other hero.

I feel like I have no survival options, except teleporting and whishing I can do it before dying.


I think they should have a revert but keep the changes to her gun (Add the piercing tho) and turrets (Or maybe keep the projectile part but remove the hp buff and allow there to be 6 again.) Her new teleporter is useless, the ultimate, as cool as it is doesn’t quite fit her play style. Her old E was way more useful and her shield gen was awesome. 2.0 may never return, but I’ll still have those good memories with her.


why not keep her old beam? it was better by a mile.


Yeah buuuuutttttt…

edit: I think that was the wrong video but I don’t have time to change it right now

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what? that’s a perfectly balanced, powerful and useful primary fire.
completely opposite of her current zarya beam.

who wouldn’t want such a great beam?

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Wow you guys… and I am nominally a Sym main… its getting embarrassing for everyone with these kinds of posts… Sym 2.0 is not coming back. My favorite phrase comes to mind:

“The deal was altered; pray it isn’t altered further”…

why did you quote the entire post if you are commenting on that exact same post tho?


I can’t wait to try out the new beam buff tomorrow.

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