🤨 Why do I feel like with Dev's Responses are now like this

When everyone is saying something else,

Like over 1,000,000 posts about Sym’s Problems etc. (Basically in huge demand to be talked about.)

And Then Some Forum Mod is like “No, that wouldn’t be comfortable for the Devs.”

And then picks one random thing involving technical issues.

If You look to the last couple of months, it’s likely been exactly that.


With very few issues that were actually in high demand, with a few exceptions.

Basically like this issue etc if Google was a guy: (@ 0:48)


And look at the reaction whenever they do give a response.

Look at YOUR OWN reaction when they gave a response to Sym’s state, and how they felt.

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Man that video is gold!

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That reaction would be lessened if they had been reliably talking.

But when it is once a month, yeah, they should expect that

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I mean, it sucks that Sym and Bastion aren’t balanced enough to be considered “decent” for most games below Diamond.

But if there’s a line. Somebody is at the back of the line.

That said, considering about 15 heroes were in a similar position this time last year. They are working on it.

Yeah… but then I feel betrayed, so I think it’s normal, I had Jeff basically respond to me before. Only to kind of lie in my face because he didn’t tell me anything. aka 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

Ultimately what it comes down to is that they’d rather go slow on changing Symmetra rather than make Bronze/Silver players want to quit the game.

And no matter how much we complained about the Mercy and Sombra rework även it was on PTR they still ignored us…

Well now Banning heroes is a thing at higher levels, I think they may want to reconsider.

Wait, is that a thing?

Or just what Jayne is testing?

They stopped taking about hero balancing to us over a year ago.

But they started back up again with Twitch interviews.

Look if one does it, doesn’t mean other will soon follow.

I don’t think any amount of badgering from forum posters is going to make a bit of difference in what the dev team decides to do to a character.

Honestly, I think it’s all driven by the pro scene at this point. If you’re not a popular streamer, or a pro competitive gamer, you’re not going to influence balance changes on a character.

Because they can more clearly get their points across, they said talking in the fourms information was being read wrong, caused confusion and often was just backlash.

I do think it’s inevitable, not because “some pro said so”

But because it’s genuinely a really good idea, and I don’t see any better ideas.

Even started to post vids to try end the silence.

I am just trying to get some movement or discussion on the topic from the devs 😶 Please Turn You Head to The Side, Pause and Read Please

(Plus I don’t know if banning heroes is a good idea but thats another topic.)

I think this is an unfair criticism. The devs have been on the ball when it comes to complaints for the past while. Brigitte/Mercy nerfs, buffing underused characters, saying they’ll try to tackle the CC complaints. They have definitely been on an ideological swing for some time now.

The issue really is that they can’t do everything at once. They tried to solve the problem of Torb/Sym one tricks getting reported in comp by doing reworks, Torb seems like he’s in a much better place, Sym could probably still use work. The issue is though strong focuses come at the expense of forsaking other characters.

In the period of time Torb/Sym were being reworked people complained about Soldier/Mccree/Reaper being lackluster. Some people have to wait to be in the spotlight again and even beloved characters like Ana can go for long periods of being nonviable. We’ve already seen with the near year dominance and focus on Mercy that the love has to be spread out a bit.

Lets just say your right and wrong on some stuff here. I don’t want to waste time talking about it though.

I need to chill again.:wine_glass:

(It’s either chill or sym stuff nowadays.)

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I… don’t… understand… the words… coming out of the speakers…

and it frustrates me to no end when listening to music!