I miss Symmetra 2.0!

Yup, honestly, I don’t even know nor anyone knows whats her playstyle suppose to be at this point. 2.0 was SUPER obvious where she shine the MOST at area control, thats the playstyle I like.

What tweaks could have been made then?

Which was?

I personally just wanted her to have a faster turret cooldown and slightly faster orbs. Other than that, she was perfectly fine.

I don’t see that actually fixing her. There still wouldn’t be a reason to pick her over another support.

How much faster?

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Something the developers fail to realize, but here we are with reworks and nerfs.

Granted, but it also shows which heroes are capable to do the task better. Symmetra isn’t one of them for the fact of how incapable her kit is on many levels just like other heroes in the same boat.

True, right click is effective due to damage output where beam channels leaves ya exposed more. Overall 3.0 requires more from all sources than previous reworks that didn’t have to rely on many when going against players at close range.

Autolock secured kills more than 3.0 beam wish it could. That’s how efficient it was depending who you fought and for the fact ammo cap was at 100. You dished out more than 3.0 since it stayed on an opponent and go on to the next. 3.0 beam burns way too fast to be consistent and you have to stay on the target while they kill you quicker. Not worth the headache.

How do you come up with a powered up beam fast? Either you messed with a sloppy Tracer or her team happen to support your beam. Your story isn’t clear so which is it?

It’s a lackluster suggestion for the fact her turrets gets destroyed easily. It may rock well in a deathmatch, but comp scene meh. It’s obvious to know who to kill first.

Many of them forgotten how much of a purpose the previous reworks of Symmetra served than 3.0 will ever accomplish.

Exactly and many players that keep hyping 3.0 fails to see just like the developers here. They don’t know nothing on what’s balance nor appealing for a hero in need of help.

Even Torbjorn and Bastion has good synergy when barrier tanks around.

Well if you ever take a look at my profile on other websites and search history then you know I live my rank mostly through diamonds until I got bored. I still float around that area, but I don’t care since this game doesn’t care for itself.

That’s because you’re not the Symmetra you thought you was if you hated first rework. I’ve already mastered all three reworks and by far 3.0 is my most hated one. It killed everything about her including my successful teleport flanks and beam flanks after taking most of their hp away with a full charge. Symmetra only needed a few healthy buffs and she would of been fine. Developers too focus on money and OWL.


Probably won’t, but you still have a bit more fighting power left in ya before you die. She’s a close range hero after all "primarily"

She just needed an aura to give off shielding to allies, but developers here…meh.

You could go on, but you only have which ones favors you and not her as whole.

Well since 3.0 she still needs a buff in the hp department. Trust me every little counts. Turrets still need a short cool down like 5 seconds at least. Beam needs to apply a snare like her turrets since their both the same damage type except turrets slows down enemies.

Her primary fire?

I… was talking about 2.0…

You define that as crippling? They stay away from the giant god wall that screams stay away in the first place. She’s an area denial hero, how is that not it’s express purpose?

And waiting 15s? If you ult in response to the enemy getting a pick, say on your Rein, if they choose to wait out the shield and can’t touch the point, Rein will respawn freely and you’re even again.

Again, read more slowly. I didn’t say I hated her first rework. I said I hated 3.0 at first. I thought what most other Sym mains did which was that she was completely different and gutted and Blizzard didn’t rework her for Sym players etc etc. but then I realized me trying to play her differently to what I knew was the problem and then it clicked and her changes made perfect sense.

What you don’t understand is that this has always been Symmetras true strength across all reworks. Backdoor TP was the most powerful thing 1.0/2.0 was capable of, so Blizzard made her capable of doing exactly that every 12s PLUS all of the other possibilities that come with new TP. It is why so much of her value revolves around it now, cause it kinda always has.

Same thing then. Symmetra doesn’t need much.

Duh. If you paid attention to previous suggestions like any Symmetra fan would.

What exactly do you mean by this then? Dps? Beams?

What does Symmetra beam do? Tickle? Hurt? or Damage. Moira beam does what?

Honestly I gave up on Sym… (But I do update certain post if needed)

As stupid as it sounds, I just want her autoaim back. My aim with her now isn’t too bad (about 50-70%), but I’d still rather have autoaim back. Aiming kind of stresses out my hands, it’s why I don’t play Widowmaker anymore. I don’t really want to sacrifice my hands for a cause I’m not even good at.


So you’ve just exchanged an entire ult in order to win your Rein back; which, BTW, your giant wall isn’t going to just replace Rein on the battlefield, it doesn’t do any damage. It’s good at denying long hitscan heroes like widow and whatnot, but it’s not going to, y’know, touch the point like Rein. You also as Sym can’t walk up and touch the point and go toe to toe with what Rein can do, like Hammond or Orisa or D.va or… Literally any DPS character, because you’re still Trash Symmetra who can’t do instant damage, only have 200 hp, and have no personal shield/defensive capabilities.

My experience of trying to play her on Defense is realizing that a 15 second ult isn’t enough to compensate for the many pushes you need it for. You have to do a LOT of work in order to generate a whole wall per fight, and if you blow it early or, surprise surprise, the enemy team still has minutes as they often do, it’s just… not enough. Like everything else with 3.0. It’s just not enough.

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There’s also countless other heroes in the game that reward aim, so why on earth did Symmetra need to be changed so that she was the same as them?

I thought part of the draw of OW and it’s characters having different weapons and different abilities was that it was… Y’know, different.


Beyond me, man.

This has been said before a lot, but the autoaim fit her. It made her gun unique and the way the light bends fits her elegance.

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She is just as dependent on teamplay as before (Excluding low ranks because they do things wrong).

There is nothing wrong with team play heroes, What is wrong is our lack of non verbal communication.
“Understood” “Group up” “I need healing”
What a joke of a communication system in a team orientated game.

If you look at Apex legends for an example people who say
“I see an enemy here” are annoying because you still have to work out where here is
Teammates who ping information are amazing because you immediately know what they are trying to communicate and where.

If overwatch had a ping system Symmetra would do so much better as she is team orientated.

The developers only defense of not putting one in was UI clutter but pings could decay over 2-3 seconds making this a non issue.

If you have 3.0 beam fully charged you are a lot more frightening than if you spam orbs.

The auto-lock beam simply caused panic in people so they didn’t aim well, It wasn’t that it was better it was just psychological warfare which did not work on good opponents.

Anyone who kept calm killed her because it had less range and in a team fight they could control who was being targeted by walking past each other and using boops.

1 blink from point blank could almost break the beam and if Tracer wasn’t at point blank it would break it.

You are talking about ammo here and what I have said in the past and will say again it is the factors outside of the auto-lock is which is making the beam under perform.

Auto-lock was a limitation for me personally because I can aim well, If they had changed nothing but making the beam straight and increased its damage it would be performing better than the 2.0 beam.

But because they changed quite a few things it needs tweaking to get right, Blizzard are doing this slowly which is totally out of my control.

You gain charge at a rate which is faster than you lose it, I keep using my beam when I can which means I am often above level 1.

If you decide beam is terrible and never use it even when you have the opportunity you will sit at level 1 charge then when Tracer is in your face you have no reason to use the beam because you are right it will be at level 1.

It is about taking the opportunities given to you not expecting to suddenly channel now you actually want to use it.
Take the opportunities if they are given to you then when Tracer is in your face you are ready for her.

You will generally be targeted for being killed first or one of the first anyway so its more of a quality of life change for those times it is targeting something stupid or you want to focus down someone.

Oh. That’s what you meant.

I really would have liked it if they’d just changed it so it was static damage, because there were times it felt unfair to charge it up and get that much easy value out of it. But if she still had her 6 turrets - none of this slowdown stuff either - that were deployable in the way they are now, she’d have been pretty perfect. 6 turrets with actual HP but no massive cooldown effect that you can set up at a distance and your old TP ultimate would have been awesomesauce Symmetra.