Whys Symmetra never seem to block much damage?

The wall is hardly situational. It applies in pretty much every situation in which you are trying to fight on an objective, much like how an Orisa shield isn’t considered situational.

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So her ult is even more situational, like i said. She is a section of every kit but done badly. She has her gun for dps, ult for tank and shield gen for never used taxi service support. On paper that would sound grate, in practice it is terrible.

Shield dancing isn’t good enough either, you still get killed in the end. It only makes you last a while longer where as her old barrier was perfect for push.

The teleporter and shield gen were easily countered and never lasted long against a competent team. So you had to use TP aggressively which, again, against intelligent enemies, was far too predictable and not really worth an ultimate slot which is why it is an ability now. The barrier is only countered by EMP. It is really, really good. It is not anyone’s fault that you cannot use it well.

So ur saying u would stand 50 mtrs from an enemy then use it hoping the team will push?

  • Team reliant
  • Situational e.g. For Push, Blocking other ults.

She is a cross breed of every class, she does things other heros can do better.

I am personally a big fan of the Big Wall. However I think it’s important to note that GOATS is very popular atm, and GOATS comp really does pretty much laugh at the Big Wall since they are a mobile brawl squad and have no range attacks, which is what Big Wall is best at neutralizing.

GOATS won’t be around forever, though…

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You know I tried to revive the biggest Sym megathread today…no one paid it mind the first ten minutes it seems: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

Clearly you placed them incorrectly, her old ults were much more usable then the current. If the ult lasted till death then i might say it’s ‘good’ but it doesn’t.

The barrier is too weak as an ult but too strong to be a regular move. They need to add something to it such as allys walking in it get shield buff or enemys get debuffs, something that would actual increase it’s usage.

I loved the sg/tele hiding places.

tele was just a better res TBH, and thats why I played symmetra

Yeah, especially because there’s no punishment for crossing the barrier, the enemy team will just cross the barrier and shoot while your team doesn’t strafe the Sym shield and just dies.

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Might as well not shoot the enemy or anything I guess, because you’d be relying on your team to follow up. Might as well not run a shield tank, because you’d be relying on your team to stay behind the shield. Might as well not go healer, because you’d be relying on your team to deal damage and tank. What exactly is your point?
If your teammates want to use it, they can and will more than likely benefit from using it properly considering it’s usefulness. Otherwise, you yourself can use it and benefit while your teammates continue doing whatever they would’ve been doing without the wall.

Also, being used for pushing does not really make it situational (And if it supposedly does, it’s hardly a bad thing considering there are always multiple “situations” for every map).

And that’s called playing badly. What were your teammates going to do without the wall anyway? Just stand there and die?

Once had over 5k damage blocked from one map round cuz I blocked roadhog ultimate on ilios lighthouse. But yea, nobody will ever shoot the shield intentionally since it has far too much hp to break down.

I don’t know, ask them? I’ll even say in voice chat, “just strafe the shield,” but I think a lot of people don’t really understand how to utilize Sym’s ULT because they don’t play her often. Albeit, Sym is considered a “niche” pick right now.

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Hiding them could only take you so far though eventually teams would aggressively rush them. Barrier has more potential, but rarely gets value. I’d like to see a world were her ultimate gets frags. Instead of being a mediocre support tool.

Okay, no she is a DPS with a tank ult. The team don’t use the shield, they don’t use the tp. They ignore half her things. She is down to team coordination which means she is only decent when you’re in chat with the team. If she is so ‘amazing’ why is she not being played in the Comp much or League? It’s because she is situational and there is a hero who can do what she can better.

Her Primaru - Zar’s is better
Secondary - Phara’s is better
E - No one uses it, and most heros have their own mobility to escape
Turrets - Torb’s turret has more health, range and less cooldown.
Ult - Every shield user blocks more damage than Symm, they can move their shields Symms is fixed. Orisa can place it on a payload, Rein can move with his, Winston can place it on a payload. Symm can’t.

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Except, you don’t need your teammates to use the wall/teleporter for them to be useful. If they do, then yes it will be good. But otherwise, you can just use it yourself.

Sure, i’ll wait 3 seconds for my tp to pop up and go through. Plus the fact i’m having to predict the future of the enemies next moves since the ult and tp have short timers.

Sigh… Timepass

(You know I have been sighing alot because of this.)

Nah, fam. They did not last long at higher levels of play. I am not sure where you are playing, but there is literally nowhere useful you could place them that enemies would not dart at. There is a finite amount of space on these maps. There is no secret strategy other than allocating all of your turrets to protect them to leave the choke open only to have the ultimate destroyed regardless. No offense intended, but you have no idea what you are talking about if you genuinely believe those were better ultimates. They WERE if nobody destroyed them, but that was not what was happening at all. There are plenty of heroes that can instantly destroy it after getting into the backlines unfettered.

No. It is not too weak. Clearly YOU place them incorrectly. It is not just you, I see a lot of Symmetra that just go “meh, whatever” and naturally their barrier placement sucks. But for the people who clearly know what they are doing, it is a top 10 ultimate at least.

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Again, i’m allowed my opinion. Myself and others agree that the old ults were much better clearly because they could do a lot more than the current bog standard wall.

Considering she had a rework i would’ve thought she might of gotten a new mechanic like Torb has the Burning effect with his ult. Symm just has a simple shield. Was disappointing.

Its close to the worst ult in the game, and it doesnt block much damage because its pointless to shoot it as it cant be brought down quickly, so no one bothers.

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