🧞‍♀ Judging Sym Rework Primary fire and how it was a complete lie and Photon Barrier Suggestion

See Here for last summer: Symmetra Rework

Photon Projector Primary fire - now since the rework, the Primary fire has been buffed twice.

But what has changed, does not really change the main problem. The weapons is too slow dealing effective damage in it’s close range, when most can kill you in this range in about a second.

Thus when he claims Sym will have more damage (potential) when Sym no longer locks onto targets. Was in fact a complete lie.

Sure Sym might have more range then before by like a few Meters. (which is not much.) But Sym wont be able to survive till her opponent easily out dps Sym.

Even the demo shown of the abilty shows, how easy it is to kill Sym, for 76 and Brig, can easily take Sym out with just a few burst of damage.

But instead we are shown the very long demo of Sym charging her weapon of someone, then using it on someone else nearby.

It’s literally 10 seconds, alot can happen in 10 seconds.

Now dps might be shorter now, but I still imagine it’s still around 8 seconds. (plus even then the Soldier seems to have been weakened before the test)

This decision should be looked at a lot harsher by the devs and community.

There is only two solutions which I see in the future to fix this.

  1. Bring Auto lock back, pretty simple. But really not my preferred option.

  2. Bring back Photon Barrier back to combo with the Primary Fire.

Basically how that could be done: Basically when Sym now Summons Turrets, she actually Summons the old Photon Barrier slightly different.

Because unlike before, when the Barrier lands, in folds into a Turret.

This opens Sym up to greater possibilities.

edit: I am thinking like maybe a 200 hp “smaller” barrier, that lands and turns into a Turret.

If the 200 hp Barrier is destoryed, then so is the turret.

Thus Sym would likely be usable but still require some skill.


Sounds like a good idea, but i’m just thinking what if you wanna have turrets and a barrier up, you sorta can’t… like if i had 3 turrets up and summoned a barrier i could only have 2 turrets up. But I’d still be down for it to happen, sounds like a decent idea. Better than the tweaks they give us.

Look if you want your turrets to live and you to die, that’s up to you.

But I just suggesting a way, for you to be better, not the turrets.

this was moved to here after no replying for hours anyway: 🥺 Blizzard should really comment on Sym, pretty please? (All The Cherries!)

would each turret have a little shield or would it be an option? or a separate ability that just becomes a turret? sounds cool tho

So… when you summon a turret… it would be a “small” proton barrier…and when it lands… it would be a turret.

It’s pretty simple really, again this topic has moved on, cause like 5 hours passed.

I like this idea.

Symmetra kit feels a bit clunky (slow tekeport, slow ramp up, etc), so she can adapt quickly to threads.

This would give her some versatility.

I keep repeating myself, so much just booping a more famous topic I have.

Also, I love the :woman_genie: emoji. Now I think symmetra needs a genie skin (diferent of her blue skin…)

just please go here: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

Can we just get sym 2.0 back with buffs and make sym 3.0 a hew hero with new art and ability names


At this point, any QoL changes happening to Symmetra would be for the better, I think we’re all quite aware of that fact.

I won’t go so far as to say that the devs are ignoring us, as they ARE making changes, however slow they’re coming and however minor the impact might be.

This change would help her significantly on her survivability when engaging in a 1v1 scenario, but would be far better for situations where ultimates could be blocked as the previous photon shield was utilized.

My only concern is the added visibility to the turret in flight. Where as it stands now, if you’re sneaky, you can sling turrets in and not have them be seen in a hectic fight, with this proposed change, the turrets would be quite visible in flight.

Do you think that is a valid trade off for the shielding aspect?

Honestly for Photon Barrier to return I would say move Tele off the E slot into a new either Alt weapon slot or a new F-Bound key. If it is in the alt weapon slot, she can hit the F key to destroy her TP if it decides to fail and only have a 6-8 second cooldown.
With photon barrier added back to E it should receive QOL changes.

Photon Barrier

  • Cooldown reduced to 8 Seconds.
  • When Symmetra casts Photon Barrier she may press E again while it is moving to have it stop in place for 2 seconds, then it will begin moving it it’s path again.

I also think this change would work very well with her current beam but would be a god sentence for her Old beam if they’d decide to revert it.
(But seeing as how many pro players are complaining specifically Seagul it is quite likely her M1 is going to get extreme changes or a revert)

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