🛰 (BTC) Overwatch Dev Update - The Youtube Vid Worth the View Today

The Only Youtuber that didn’t waste my time today. (saw them all today)

Take Note of that. (Though I did have Master Ian Gamer get back to me with a question, still though). Sponsored by this: 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)


Or just read it directly here.


BTC is the best OW Youtuber out there (imo)


-👓 Sym and Reaper "Proper" changes (3rd Person Placement) (Non Beyblade) (How I would change Reaper’s Shadow Step and Sym’s Teleporter)

Basically making 3rd person placement happen with Reaper’s Shadow Step and Sym’s Teleporter. (Think Doomfist’s Ult)

(Unlike Doomfist 's Ult) There would be some important differences.

Placement effect would basically happen same as 1st person placement happens, though 3rd Person would give them more range and ease to place the placement.

They would be vulnerable while using the ability. (think of Junkrat during his ult, remember to hide.)

(Optional) Whatever they are using for the 3rd person placement, either Black cloud (Reaper) or Camera made of Light (Sym). It can be destroyed. (Optional)

They would be able to see the enemy from a safe distance and relay it to their team like current Sombra

They can place the placement anywhere within a 50 meter radius. (Even if it’s behind walls, on roofs, etc…)

Everything else still happens the same.

(3/8/19 Edit: Limit Sym’s to 3 people cause Geoff seems to have a problem with the whole team going though Sym’s Teleporter.)

Bonus for Sym: Instead of her summoning Flying Turrets.

Have her Summon Flying Barriers again

and when the Barriers hit a wall or a surface have then turn into Turrets.

Basically the return of Proton Barrier (or a lesser version of it, Or greater depending on the situation) but doesn’t let her lose anything else.

Basically repeats what the oranges posts here were?

Not all heroes wear capes

No, he actually talked more about Sym’s and Reaper’s Shadestep and Teleporter then just what Geoff said. (Since MIG just went to closing remarks after reading them.)

Literally all I cared for. So worth the view.

Info wise sure but personality wise… lets just say he isn’t so stellar.

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Eh, I don’t know.

His content seems to become a bit more clickbaity and he’s starting to get a little ego. (I also don’t like his hero concepts, but if that’s what he likes to do, then so be it.)

Hes still one of the best overwatch youtubers though.


Again the focus to me was thoughts around Sym’s and Reaper’s Shadestep and Teleporter, and every other youtuber failed that today.

Took me about a minute.

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The problem I have noticed with the other (more popular) YouTube channels is that they focused to much on the popular heroes causing less effort and attention on lesser popular heroes (Unitlost) or them being biased (YourOverwatch).

BTC tries to be neutral and actually does research before posting his videos. He even goes as far to thoroughly test it first. He’s really one of the best Overwatch youtubers.


Now if only Geoff could commit on my Suggested Changes… that I really put Bone Marrow into. (Literally broke my leg at one point back in Augest(At the same time of starting to form suggested changes… so counts.)

low bar to jump over lol


To be fair… it’s hard to be a well liked Forum topic poster.

But that’s how Overwatch is.

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Seeking validation from the Internet is like grabbing a rabid raccoon by the shorts and expecting him to gently lick your earlobe as you coo in pleasure.

Good luck with that!!! :wink:


“Dreaming of World Peace” is such a lie.

I liked BTC until the Echo teaser on route66.
“I noticed the top of the egg is the same as the top of D.vas mech”.

Oh REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY you noticed that? i’m sure you noticing that had NOTHING to do with Master ian gamer releasing a vid with that little bit of info a good few hours before. Give credit where its due or you dont get my view :stuck_out_tongue:

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-⛑ PTR Update - Amplification Matrix redesign (again) (Thank Linkyop)

BTC has his own flaws. Shuts down the opinions of a top 500 bastion main, only uses overbuff for his statistics and using only that to say bastion is useless and there is no video that isn’t a popular opinion on overwatch. I like YourOverwatch because they talk about a hero and will sometimes say the hero even if it’s pickrate is low on Overbuff, is actually a hero people haven’t really pushed to their limits because the community perceives the hero as useless