🛰 Not Muda Special: Is Sym the Best Shield Breaker?

To be fair D. Va usually just going through the Barrier for a Combo

honestly this.
why take her off of the support class if shes just going to be used as a telebot? because shes a tp bot/slave way too often.

her basically relying on her team to do everything for her didnt really help her reputation tbh let alone how easy to kill sje is


She is a little better at using the worst ability in the game then Reaper I guess…


Yeah I mean common sense players can spot out the difference, but I hate to say it. A lot players here on the forums believe she’s the best at melting barriers because the developers said it so it must be true.

The developers may take offense to that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Shes trash at defending lmao

The ultimate defender is

Bastion for Dps
Orisa for tank
Brig for support


Updated the “main” Sym rework topic Any new news on Sym? (Answered!) 🧞‍♀ (edit: nothing improved in 9 months.)

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She was taken off because of two reasons.

  1. Complaints of auto lock beam killing them at close range.
  2. Had no interesting in making another non healer for support role.

Hots might be a dead game, but they at least had the respect to create a healer roster for healers and place other heroes with unique kits onto the support roster. The developers here aren’t interested in that concept nor have the motivation. I don’t like to bad mouth these guys, but all they’ve shown is their love for transactions. cosmetics and random 2/5 written short stories.


Reaper with crits and even without them can shred tanks dude…way faster than sym


1 shot every 0.5s for 140 damage if all pellets hit

I dlnt remember specifically but its among those lines


yeah… they just dont love overwatch anymore. already got their success with it, and it was probably time to move on.
pretty sure most of the team has already moved on to other projects.


Precisely and for the fact the crisis this company is facing right now. Oh well I am looking forward for LoL next project and rumors says it might be a mmo. Since GhostCrawler is there it might have some WoW influence, but better.

Reaper does 280 DPS (no crits, which is what he’d be doing against barriers)

Symmetra at max charge & all three sentries does ~330 DPS IIRC

So, under 100% perfect circumstances, Symmetra is a bit better than Reaper at barrier busting… but if we’re honest? How often does Symmetra actually hit that point? Maybe a handful of times per match, for a few seconds at a time?

Reaper is just way more reliable on that front


why not go for a game similar to ow/paladins/tf2? the format is super fun.
imagine lol but as a shooter.

everyone else is honestly.
like you know. reliable. and doesnt feel like an ughhhh why does this person pick sym this hero drags down everything in our teammm


Well… not heroes like Genji or Doomfist… but frankly, they also don’t need to bust barriers because they both just waltz past them and kill the hero maintaining the barrier.


ah sorry, i meant dmg wise

Well, right, that’s what I meant, as far as barrier bursting. She’s one of the worst picks for barrier busting, and most of those that are questionably or outright worse than her don’t actually need to deal with barriers most of the time.

I already play Paladins so I am good. Seris main in that game and she’s my favorite support due to hybrid healer depending on your build.

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imagine people thinking sym excels in barrier heavy comps.

i wish these ppl actually tried sym and tried hard to win, like this yt snipzy guy tried to (things went horrible. all defeats. he got flamed too i think)

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seris…? last time i saw seris she would just spam moira orbs from afar that could go thru walls…

I’d argue she’s actually best in barrier-heavy comps (she’s still awful, though), but not because of her ability to deal with barriers. It’s because barrier heavy comps = lots of tanks = generally poorer mobility, which means she can take advantage of her Teleporter to move heroes like Bastion and Orisa around for the deluxe barrier busting (basically, the entire theory behind BOS and why it works at all).

But she’s still inanely bad

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