WoW Classic Realm Names and Types

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Starting 2019-08-12T22:00:00Z, players with an active subscription or game time on their World of Warcraft account can reserve their character names by creating up to three WoW Classic characters. Please note that all of your characters on a PVP realm must be the same faction.

Before creating a character, you’ll choose the realm where you want to play that character. Realms in the Americas will be:

Name Type Time Zone
Atiesh Normal Pacific
Mankrik Normal Eastern
Myzrael Normal Pacific
Pagle Normal Eastern
Name Type Time Zone
Faerlina PvP Eastern
Fairbanks PvP Pacific
Herod PvP Eastern
Stalagg PvP Eastern
Thalnos PvP Eastern
Whitemane PvP Pacific
Name Type Time Zone
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern
Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific

Oceanic realms will be:

Name Type Time Zone
Arugal PvP Australian Eastern Time
Remulos Normal Australian Eastern Time

Relative realm population will be visible in-game to help in choosing a realm so you will see Low, Medium, or High in the realm selection screen. If there are high numbers of players congregating on individual realms during name reservation and character creation, we will post warnings about the potential for queues on those realms, giving you time to choose alternate realms.

WoW Classic releases worldwide on 2019-08-26T22:00:00Z.

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Thirteen it is.

(Normathord) #4

Here we go


I’m hard for Herod!

(Mightylink) #6

These names could of been better… Mankrik is going to be the meme realm.

And Whitemane (the only good name) is probably going to be the streamer realm.


Where are the CST servers?


Been waiting for this ty!

(Normathord) #9

Apparently they didn’t go with any


Where are all my Grobbulus homeboys at?


Why no CST?


Thank you blizzard I would be happy with only 1 server : )


I’m not sure how much thought went into these names. Mankrik is absolutely going to be a gong-show. And every PvP server is a human/elf name, where’s the orc/tauren/troll love? Seems like four are named for scarlet monastery bosses and then Faerlina. Really don’t understand how they picked these names.

But I’m just here to prove people will literally complain about anything. Overall this is awesome! Can’t wait. This is more servers than I was expecting them to do, which is great.


Indeed! I’m west (Canada no less) but I’ve got friends East and no Central to split the diff? Feelsbad.


So, what’s the best server if you live in the center of the United States?


Will the servers be hosted in different physical locations? If so, are they correspondent to their timezone? Looking for a server with low ping.

(Pärker) #18

Welp only one RP server makes my choice easier.

(Esfand) #19

Heavy Scarlet Crusade theme, nice :smiley:


I wonder how long it’ll take for them to release new servers.

We were kinda hoping for an RP PvP on East coast, since our discord is mostly USE and CET.


I’m surprised that ther’es no EU servers.