Free realm transfers incoming

The problem with offering free realm transfers for just one faction is that the people in the overpopulated side have zero incentive to move. If anything, the people who are outnumbered are the ones who end up wanting to get the heck out of Dodge.

CRBGs were not in Vanilla from the start; they were implemented in patch 1.12.

Since Classic is picking up with patch 1.12, Blizz has confirmed that Classic will have CRBGs right from the start.

A “highworlord Vet”… from a game… that doesn’t exist anymore…


How do you know the server balance?

I think he is trolling, no way to know from what I understand.

Unless we’re seeing something from Blizzard stating there are obvious imbalances or over saturation on the realms, we’re fine.


You were never a HWL. And there are xrbgs

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Good post. They have not posted a warning yet about Herod.

Lmao :rofl: so you bought the account then? Because it’s in your legacy achievements meaning not able to be obtained no longer.
The new titles are still obtainable through rbgs so they wouldn’t be in your legacy tab.

The achievement also says you obtained the title at level 60, rbgs can’t be done at 60 but good troll attempt bud.

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When WotLK was put in, it crawled through your character’s database and it saw that you had “Master Sergeant” in your character’s possible titles. Thus it knew that you had to have earned that during vanilla and gave you the appropriate Legacy “achievement”. I believe it did the same for some old world boss kills, as well, same as if you had done all the quests in the old world before WotLK it would have given you the loremaster for each continent.

Look at my legacys. I have several different titles from Vanilla in it from several different characters, all “at level 60”. Stop trying to wiggle out of this.

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Bgs aren’t in the game until phase 3, unless they changed it.


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Must be Greek for " TRUST ME I KNOW!" lol

How about from a common sense perspective? No Vet skill required…derp

Vanilla had multiple servers in a ‘battlegroup’ so it’s not like todays WoW but it won’t be strictly within your server bg’s.

Why should I research when a NICE person already told me it came in at the end and they also confirmed that blizzard said they be having it in at the start. So I got more information by posting that than I normally would have.

Thanks for your concern.

Not sure why they need server transfers at this point, it has not even launched. Everyone will have a good feel for the balance. Now, six months down the line, when the tourist have left…that is a different story.

Right now, buyer beware…lol.

no actually you could get more info with research, like what phase each BG comes out how many battle groups there are, just do me a favor and stay nightelf, I dont want my barrens chat filled with noobs to lazy to research.

Estimation. Look at things like public polls, which guilds choose a particular faction. What side did streamers and their minions select?

You only need a slice of data to see what the larger picture may look like.

What faction are you playing I will make sure to make the opposite instead.

I’m going Horde because that’s what I was in vanilla. No other reason.