Classic Servers for Open World PvP - Emerald Dream community, join in!

If you didn’t already know! On August 12th, you’ll be able to reserve your name for Classic WOW.

A lot of the larger open world PvP guilds from both Alliance and Horde are in a decision about joining Whitemane because its the anti-streamer server as well as being a potential split of close 50/50 of Alliance and Horde. Which means more Open World PvP for everyone!

I suggest the Emerald Dream community, if you love the Open World PvP that we have! To consider joining Whitemane. It’s not a RPPvP server, but the only RPPvP server is oceanic which is no good.

Consider Whitemane with your guilds and friends if you want to follow an Open World PvP scenario!

Grobbulus is a the west coast RP-PVP server. So far the choice from the classic ED discord is that we are going all out Grob.


Grobbulus is the RP-PVP server for me. I can go play with my tauren friends, and stab them in the ankles later.

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AH nope, there is a US RP/PvP server now. Looks like the spot for most ED classic peeps that I am seeing.