Choosing a realm from Japan - need advices

Hello Classic Community !

I am living in Japan since a long time and i really dont know which realm to play Classic.

I played during the last stress test on the Swamp of Sorrows realm and i did not feel any performance issue.

So i need a realm which can satisfy those two conditions :

  • time : i want to raid sometime so i need a realm where Japan time and realm time can allow me to raid ;
  • performance : i want to play smootly ;
  • not a real condition but i have a little preference to PVP realm (if possible, i can play on normal realm).

Thanks in advance for your advices.


Western datacenters are based in L.A. California if that helps.

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japan is the same time zone as oceania so you could play on arugal with us australians


I believe Swamp of Sorrows is an Oceanic Realm so the two servers for launch available would be

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Thank you a lot Stylish, Creeks and Chula !

Any server with Australians playing. Saved my butt the 9 years I spent over there.

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