Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

This is to Torquemadan as well as Iatromantis: look at your Blizzard launcher, select WoW, then look at the choices right above the PLAY button. There is a field for “Version” and another for “Account.” You’ll need to switch from retail to “World of Warcraft Classic” and then select the account you want to use for creation if you have more than one.

After launching the Classic version, you’ll have a list of new, classic servers, some are pve, some pvp, and one will be rp and one more that’s rp-pvp. Choose the one you like and then go through the character creation set-up just as you would for any character you’ve ever made before.

Best of luck getting some characters made with the names you want!


Ah ok Torquemadan, thank you very much

Will there be an east coast RPPVP server or all all of us going to join that one exclusive west coast one? Doesn’t quite make sense to only hold one and expect it not to have long queues.

I think the servers you are seeing now in WoW Classic game, are test servers. If you create characters there, they won’t be available on real live servers.

Still wanting to know what servers will be available for WoW Classic live… Is there a list available somewhere? Or we will have to wait and see at 3pm PDT today?

The test servers are down now. The new production servers won’t be available till later today.

There’s the forum post with the new servers listed. Yep, I didn’t mean the test server(s) that have been around, but the new, find-a-name or three, servers going live this afternoon.

This might be a stupid question but how can they guarantee we will have the name we want if we can’t even pick our realm until a later date? Unless I missed something…?

You pick both your realm and your names today.


Hi! The stress tests are still going on, how will I know that the character I create doesn’t get wiped out. Do you happen to know? Thanks!

I’m so excited!!! I checked and my character still exists on the stress test servers, when are those going down today?

If you created a character in the stress test, it is gone already.

You have to create your characters later today after the new production servers are up.

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Thanks! I just checked and the servers are down! Awesome, really appreciate your answer :slight_smile:

This is going to be such a cluster. :grin:

The forums are going to lock-up. The authentication servers will burn down. Imagine millions of players all trying to make their characters at once. There’s going to be a lot of problems. People will be dc’d. They’ll lose their name because they couldn’t connect. Much raging will ensue. It’ll be…interesting.


I think you’re dreaming. The three servers handled the test this weekend just fine. 11 NA servers are going to handle the name grab just fine as well. I think it will be a little slow actually, with people setting up their characters over the next two weeks as word of mouth spreads wide.

I’m having classic withdraws again…:frowning:


This mans asking the real questions here

l’m sorry if this has already been answered but I didn’t have time to search the thread- I’m assuming this is 6pm PST?

Then search the thread

Question regarding the name reservation process. When the time starts, what will the actual process be? Will we be able to launch WoW Classic using, choose a server, and create a character?

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NO, that is 6pm est (just under 4.5hrs to go)