If I knew my server was on the west coast i never would have picked it

stupid blizzard making my server be on the west coast when im on the east…YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US FROM THE START I WANT A FREE TRANSFER FOR ALL 20 OF MY CHARACTERS

They did, all the servers were clearly labeled. If you had read, you would have known.


dont tell me to read

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niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice one.

I literally made a post about the server data centers before launch. It was on the top of the forum for at least a week. The post announcement for the servers had West and East timezone designations.

You just came here to cry and didn’t actually look into the servers beforehand.

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I mean you could have just looked at the realm time the first time you logged in…

0/10 and -5 because it’s not Sunday.

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Reading is for plebs. YOLO!

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