*2nd Update 8/8/19* Classic wow - BG Forum Fam

2ND UPDATE******

Since the recent announcement of the rp-pvp realm, many have requested to play on it when classic launches. So the plan for now is to play on the rp-pvp realm alliance side.

Blizz finally released realm names and there is only one rp-pvp realm so it makes this an easy decision.

If someone wants to make a guild for us forum folk then please do so. I may not be able to devote as much time to classic as I originally hoped so I will not be spearheading a guild. I would love to see someone else run one though because it would be fun.


Floyln set us up a discord server.

1st Update

I’ve gotten several btag adds out of the original post and a lot of people interested in this so I thought I would post an update with some more finer details for those interested.

Faction: Alliance
Server type: RP-PvP
Server: Unknown until Blizz releases

Who we are: Just a bunch of forum regulars that are grouping up to play classic. Most of us already play together on live now but we are scattered on different realms. With cross realm play on live we can still group. However with classic being server specific, we need to be on the same realm to group up and that is the intent of this effort… unifying everyone to the same realm. We do plan on having a guild for those interested but at the very least we want to be on the same server.

Goals: Have fun in pvp obviously. We will likely have an evening/weekend raid team or two in order to get better gear to dominate in pvp.

Guild name: unknown right now - looking for creative ideas and hopefully have the word “forums” in it.

If you are just coming across this and interested in playing with us you are more than welcome to. Most if not all of us are age 30+ adults to give an idea of who you’d be playing with. Come join in the fun.


Original Post

This is my attempt to unify those interested in classic of our forum fam. I’ve messaged several of you over the past bit seeing who is interested and there seems to be quite a few of us interested in playing classic.

Blackhearts(Magnificent) have about 15-20 strong. Tonga Time(Violettina) has about the same amount as well in her group. Then there are about 15-20 others on my bnet list (plus their friends) that are going to play.

With 50-70 people going to give it a shot, it’s easy to see why we need to come together. Ideally we would all be on the same server and guild but at the very least we should aim to be on the same server.

Let’s merge our wolf packs.


So far the plan is to roll alliance on a pvp server. I am going to update this post as more info comes out. If you want to play classic with us then let it be known. You can’t have too many friends in wow.



Sounds good.

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I’m in the beta right now- it’s a blast!

Looking forward to teaming up with the PVPers / BGers here on Classic Live.

If you are in the beta and want to group up (PVP ally) or just talk about ideas/strategies for a guild i’m all ears.

Add me @ mayhem#1265


I am 100% in for the community aspect.

I do not, however, know what to play.

I was thinking a panda demon hunter. They’re from classic, right?


Count me in please.

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I’ve read bits/pieces on it. Are there going to be actual separate PVE and PVP servers?

ANYTHING but panda.

Yes. They are treating it like how classic was. “The group” will be alliance on a pvp server.

I imagine with 50-70 strong before the gates even open up we would be the dominating force on the server.

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I’m torn. Definitely playing priest but fear ward and stone form or perception, human spirit and diplomacy?

I’m more of the lone wolf(no pun intended) type, but as long as it’s Alliance I’m down.

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Night elf. Help me MC the noobs off the elevators at 1k needles. If Freddy plays mage then we can mc run people into portals to ironforge.

That’s cool. Lone wolves are useful in their own way.

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So now I’m playing mage, huh?!?

You say once you’re thinking about mage and bam!! now you’re pigeonholed into mage!!

But seriously I am considering mage.

Panda’s can be mages right?


I know that you’re joking, but I think you mentioned that you have been playing this game for four years. You don’t even have the old school Hogger experience. That will be interesting for you, lol.

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You had me up til this point :disappointed_relieved:

I started late BC, but that’s practically no time anyway, considering I didn’t have a level capped character until ICC.

I cut my teeth in UO back in 98 and on though. Now that game was hardcore. Get PKed and lose everything. Cutting up bodies to turn in heads for bounties…

Grinding for daaaaaays.

I played that game for a little bit. The thing I remember was getting my pocket picked by some random guy in town. Chasing him outside of town, then murdering me in one shot and taking more of my stuff, lol.

I’m down. I already recreated my OG nelf druid in beta. Haven’t played it much yet (been travelling)

Good times.

That game was something else. Literally sandbox, you could be a lumberjack if you wanted or a cartographer.

But the pvp was very simple. In the original UO, murdered had a debuff that atrophied your skills if you died.

Once red (a murderer) you couldn’t go to main cities (there was a crime based city).

Man I had a ton of fun playing that game.

But yea, classic wow will be different having not played it. I think even more than that will be how accustomed I’ve become to the qol changes that have come over the years in wow.

Normally im alliance 100% of the time but sadly. I really want to spriest but the only way to gain devouring plague is from undead. soooooo horde it is.

Alliance on PvP server eh?

Dorf Paladin incoming. Sparkle pally reborn.