Faction restriction on OCE realms

It was added to Classic because that is how it was in vanilla. Tradition, no changes etc.

The oversight is that we have 1 PvP realm. In Vanilla there were multiple, even once “OCE” realms were introduced, so it was a non-issue.

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Pray that it becomes full almost instantly and they add another then, I guess.

I doubt that will happen, but I foresee that the single PvP Oceanic realm will quickly become heavily populated by Alliance. Given that Frostmourne players will play there and the majority of them play Alliance. Plus, yknow, Paladins.

I guess they will assess the situation and if it seems required, create a second PvP server for those who want to play the other faction.


Right except due to the layering and the plan to abolish layers after p1 (and once the population lowers a bit I expect) there is no purpose to adding a second PvP server other than to overcome this issue.

It’s awesome we only have 1 PvP realm. There will be no spread across servers when majority quit.

There are still limits.

We honestly just need a third server, be that a pvp or rp-pvp.

or to make the PvE server another pvp one instead.

Barthilias exists too which will counteract the Ally pop


You have provided the Silly Idea of the Day, thanks for that…:upside_down_face:

Silly maybe but the vast majority of people play on pvp realms. PvE may as well be an afterthought

Ah so that would be your reasoning for denying Pve players a server. No, sorry, still tops the Silly Idea list.

True but without a second PVP realm we are locked into one faction

I fail to see the problem.

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Its not surprising a small Indie company has made this complete oversight. It’s basically a giant dump on the oce region.

The problem is you can’t make a character on the opposite faction because you only have 1 realm.

Most people will say “Well you can always start up a toon on a US-based server”. Without actually thinking out of the consequences of that such as:

  • Not being able to play with people you live near and/or play with in retail WoW.
  • Having to put up with higher ms (as much as 250 or more) in a PvP environment.

The reason behind having an Oceanic server is to play in reasonable gaming conditions, after all.

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To be fair I can see why we would only get two realms.

Our population is tiny and if we had 3 realms we’d probably be spread thin by phase 2.

At least this guarantees that our server will be PACKED.

But yeah rolling on a US realm for alts with 200ms will be a bit of hassle.

Blizzard could solve this by allowing 2 factions per realm on OCE but this is technically against nochanges

If you like Normal / PvE realms, it isn’t really a problem. If you don’t enjoy Normal realms and wish to stick to PvP, you will be limited to the one faction.

This problem didn’t exist in Vanilla with the faction restriction because we had multiple PvP realms to choose from. This is an entirely new problem they have created while trying to adhere to the vanilla style, i.e. the faction restriction.

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This problem didn’t exist in Vanilla with the faction restriction because we had multiple PvP realms to choose from.

You forgot to add the “multiple US PvP realms to choose from” in vanilla, which you still have now. The single Oceanic is a luxury and being one server only is a huge blessing for both the faction restriction (which is a good thing, not a problem) as well as forcing every OCE on to one server.

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I didn’t forget to add that actually. In Vanilla the “OCE” servers (once they were given their own tab in the realm lists) were US, we did not have the server located in Sydney at the time, so to point out a distinction in the realms being US is entirely irrelevant. Rolling on 250ms instead of 50ms is not a solution.

Go ahead and explain your position. I’ll wait.