RP-PVP Confirmed for Classic

I’ve never used Warmode just because I hate PvP more than I want the bonuses offered for it, but I agree with the point that those are a bad idea. It seems to me that the best feature of Warmode is enabling PvPers and non-PvPers to have their own spaces and not get in each others’ way, and incentivizing the non-PvPers to PvP is just messing up the experience for both groups.


Ah that makes sense. I hadn’t actually noticed the world defence channel was gone… That really sucks. Also tbh warmode should just be one shard on its own imo. Breaking it up more seems to kill the experience. Thanks so much for the patient and detailed explanation for a non pvper such as I! Like Azhaar, I don’t even use warmode at all.


A lot of the big name EDers are going there so the atmosphere will more than likely be similar to old ED.

And Streamers hate going there

From my experience, EDers hated being in ED for a good while. Then again, this is Classic, so I guess things will be different.

I’d love to roll as a rogue on that particular realm. Do some highwayman junk.

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This is something a buddy and I did way back when as druids.

Had some nifty encounters at the entrance to Un’Goro Crater.


I shared this story before but to add an example to ocmulgee post about CRZ being a disaster.

There was an Alliance raid with multiple bounties camping a quest area. OK guess it’s time to form a counter raid and PVP except our Horde counter raid got sucked into another shard with no Alliance raid and PVP didn’t happen. Since I can’t complete my quests in a raid, I drop and I’m dumped back into the shard with the Alliance raid and I die.

There was multiple attempts by our group to form new counter raids so we’re not sucked into another shard or stay as a 5m group but all of which didn’t work.

Eventually it was just a night of our small group chipping away at the quest objective avoiding the murder mob and it wasn’t fun. We wanted to PVP but for whatever reason the sharding was preventing us from forming an actual sizable group to fight back.

The thing is, I bet this was happening with alliance players. The shard we’d get dumped in that didn’t have the Alliance raid would have stragglers just out solo trying to do the objectives. I wonder how many of them tried to form their own counter raid and got pulled into another shard to find no Horde raid to fight. Then dropped only to get killed by our Horde raid looking for their Alliance raid.

Anyway PVP didn’t happen.


So what realms are people considering? I want to make sure I put my alts in the ones that will be the most likely to have the biggest community.

I will be rolling on one of the RP-pvp realms and I think Ephie will be as well.

We are going to make the park tavern a forsaken restaurant where dinner comes to you.


There’s an Option for RP and RP-PVP both only have a single one.

As for those QQing about greifing in a RP-PVP server. It has a PVP mindset role If you’re in a contested zone and don’t expect to be attacked Mid RP you’re doing it wrong. RP-PVP is Nam, while Rp is more so Just WW1 trencwarfare. Some people pref one and some the other. Old School Vanilla is much much much more Wpvp centered and community driven, people comparing newer ED I.E anything past WOTLK are doing it a disservice.


With no toys, flying, phasing and gimmick items hopefully it actually works out.

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Here’s the Grob Discord link (remove spaces)

https: // discord.gg/EkFASsb

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If you want to RP in ‘peace’ …then please roll on a regular RP server (or stay out of contested territory)

RPPVP realms are aggressive. If you roll there please expect to have to defend your RP bases/RP events from attack from time to time… and please don’t cry RP griefing if you are attacked. We must assume that people who roll on a realm with a RP culture and a PVP ruleset…want to PVP ALL THE TIME. We assume they LOVE to pvp … and therefore attack them without mercy.


And its gone right over your head. Whom cried

At what point did I even come close to that? See you are trying to bait a strawman argument and making it all about the PVP, ignoring what comes before that? Let me type slowly so you can stay “Up to speed” RP- (wait for it) RP-PVP See then comes the PVP part, at no place did I disparage the PVP, again I was okay with the PVP.

There are more than one way to grief RP, seems that everyone but you knows what and how it transpired.

2/10 For troll response.

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I’m gonna roll on the RP server, because I want to RP in a world when the Scourge is at its height. I reckon that’ll be interesting. In some ways it’s a more terrifying time than the current story even.


Ah, the ol’ victim blaming mentality. Timeless.


Colepain will definitely be making a comeback on the RP PvP server. However, if that ends up super toxic despite our best efforts…then I’ll be switching to the RP server. Leveling is a chore, but I’m not about to let a grind get in the way of having old school RP fun.

I want patrols through the Eastern Plaguelands, I want RP events holding the Bulwark from another rush from Andorhal, I want RP raids into the Hillsbrad Fields for test subjects for this ‘blight’ that I have heard the Apothecaries talk about.

I want Alliance to attempt to stop us, and maybe even succeed, hence the RP PVP. But if it gets to the point of people doin the dip dip potato chip, making toxic call out threads left and right, and just generally being bad sports…I will not hesitate to move over to the RP realm and just host a PvP night every now and then.

I love WPvP and RPPvP…but I refuse to let the RP be overshadowed.


It is still a shame that I cannot belf in Classic, but I will still raise a blade for the Horde.

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You don’t have to assume that at all, actually. You want to assume that because you feel it makes you justified in ruining their fun.

It somewhat baffles me that tons of people will gleefully use PvP to live out their dominance fantasies and then wonder why participation in stuff like World PvP, Warmode, etc. are on the decline.

Like, act like a wangrod if you want, but don’t act like it’s a moral imperative.


are you any good at Quake


Ive heard this argument from your before, Ursuola, and I think its highly irresponsible to publicly conflate dominance fantasies with video games… especially now with the political climate in the USA (where the links between RL violence and video games are being discussed)

It’s like saying boxers or wrestlers and martial artists are more violent/dominant than people who don’t participate these activities.

PVP is a game and real life is real life. Don’t conflate the two. Highly irresponsible to do so.