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One of us! One of us! One of us!

Can’t wait to start leveling with this guild! Having groups to level in classic is going to make so much difference.

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16 more days!

16 looong days



With realms announced (WoW Classic Realm Names and Types) has this guild determined which one they will be on?

At this time that has not been determined.

Currently voting on what server to choose on the Discord

Highly interested in your guild pending server choice.

@ Àjáx if your a Deadpool fan I will definitely refer to you as Francis.

So ends Day 16.

Good night folks!

Good morning folks!

15 days!

Morning yall

Greater visibility up here!

Hiya guildies! Been workin on my orc starter zone game. Still not maximum efficiency yet but probably run it a few more times. Certainly getting better though.

Welcome to all the new members

I’m super interested in joining this guild if there is still room for more people. any ideas on the server yet?

Me and few of my friends are really interested in joining this guild, waiting on server


Server deliberations are taking place, official decision on the 11th.

Don’t wait, teams are filling up, particularly the Morning and Night raids!

Interviews are happening now :slight_smile:

Help us pick our new server!