Classic servers location? low ping , lf new york data centre

i want to have a good low ping.

anyone have any info on the physical location of the servers?

i play on kelthuzad and illidan for low ping around low 15-30 high

i’m looking for the servers on the new york data centre.

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Are you located in the continental US, playing on a US realm? Do you have a decent internet speed? Then your ping will be fine.

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i live in canada.

Yeah I need to know this as well for the Alabama area. Just having the same time zone isn’t the same. Not sure why they don’t show the location of the servers because it could help people form a community irl as well.

The 2 datacentres are apparently in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Although this map shows it in New York:

These threads list the servers and which datacentre they fall under:

Although there is a bit of confusion over Incendius and Bigglesworth.

So does anyone know what the optimal pvp realm would be for the southeast? Also without a bunch of streamers, and without a ton of non english speakers? I don’t want to choose a streamer realm or a spanish speaking realm by accident.

i hear faerlina is the streamer realm i’m also trying to avoid streamers for a more authentic classic experience.

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Doubt that Blizzard would put servers in Moscow and San Paolo. That map doesn’t indicate where the servers are. For NA, the servers are in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Upon finding new information, I suggest Incendius.

Blizzard tools to test pings:

Servers are either in Chicago or LA.

I live in Tulsa, OK and my ping to Chicago or LA servers is ~30ms or so.

1GB internet with At&t.

If you live in most of Canada the Chicago servers are best.

I live in Calgary and the ping to Chicago is always better than the ping to LA. The only exception I might see with that is if you live in Vancouver and are already on the west coast.

Edit: Illidan is in Chicago. Your ping will be the same if you choose any of the EST classic realms.

I live in Portland, OR and my ping to LA = 48ms & Chicago = 86ms.

10MB internet with Cogentco.

I’m in New England not that far from Canada and I average 30-35 on wireless internet; on Deviate Delight.

I live in new york city, and I play on westfall and the pink is super low.