Oceanic faction balance


As most of us know, Alliance outnumber Horde massively on Frostmourne (pvp)… is there any indication that this massive disparity between factions will be a factor in Classic servers?

I’m keen on rolling horde in classic, but I’d like to have some form of indication as how to (im)balanced the servers will be :slight_smile:

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There are other servers than just Frosty. If I recall correctly Barthilas is fairly heavy Horde. I think when you get everyone on the one server, things might be a bit different, but I guess time will tell.

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Not in Oceanic on Classic we don’t.

We have 1 server, and no RP either. The US servers aren’t really a good choice as we have a +200ms ping for riding them.

As to OP’s question, on the US servers, there is reportedly some wildly large disparity. I have no Idea on the Oceanic one though, we can but hope it’s somewhat more equal because we only have 1 PvP realm for the entire of Oceanic, but who knows.

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Could you perhaps read what I said.

I said we have one server (ie one pvp server, since the topic was pvp).


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As we literally ONLY have 1 PVP server, I would expect it to be pretty equal. If we had 2 or more, I would expect one to be more Alliance and the other to be more Horde. But there is only 1 pvp server. So all those who love PVP and world pvp will be playing on that server. I would be surprised if it ended up being mostly Alliance or mostly Horde.


Plus it really depends on what you want to play. If you want to play a Paladin, you must play Alliance. If you want to play a Shaman, you must play Horde. And there are other factors regarding classes that will shift people to a particular faction.

However, if it does become wildly unbalanced, I wouldnt be surprised to see a second pvp server created to try and address that as soon as possible. After all, having this name saving thing happening means they have a pretty good idea now who is going where.

They also said:

We’re considering integrating a character transfer service once players have reached higher levels. This was available in the original WoW.

That being so, if things did get bad, players would at least have the option to swap over to another server.

I’m planning to play a priest… largely so I can mind control people off of boats. Undead if horde (devouring plague is the best) and probs go dwarf or NE if alliance.

According to the stats from Reddit, which includes thousands on discord and the pre registered guilds. Arugal has the closest faction difference out of all servers. It’s pretty much 50-50. How that will change on launch day? I’m not sure, but it’s a useful indication.

I will be an undead warlock. Hopefully I see you in death knell my friend!

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I’m rolling horde on Arugal and I hope the alliance have more players for better pvp.

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Please tell me that you are playing Alliance… are you on Arugal?

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I’m Ally, yes lol.

BUT…sorry i’m rolling on Remulos, PvE. :smirk:

There is a Lord.


Looking at the survey posted on MMO-Champion, the PvP realm is
Alliance 43% - Horde 56%,
The PvE realm however,
Alliance 57% - Horde 42%

There were also a lot more people playing on PvP, a ratio of 1:5

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Great! my friends (IRL) are going Alliance, sadly, so I’ll be joining them. Those differences don’t look too bad! Thank you.