So Stalagg is eastern time?

How do I know what time the other servers are? Which one’s mountain time? I noticed that the beta was pacific time, which made sense. I’ve always loved, and perhaps taken for granted that the server time has been my time.

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So in retail there are realms for all four time zones in the US?

Yes, there are many, many servers in retail, and all US time zones are represented.

Not so for Classic. You can pick Eastern or Pacific, that’s it.

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www. wowprogress .com/realms/rank/us

Here are all the servers time zones on the far right abbreviated to “TZ”

As far as I am aware there was only 3. EST, PST, and Central.

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It is in the Chicago center so it’s Central time. But close enough yeah.

Chicago is hosting the Eastern time Classic servers. There are no Central time servers at this time.

Well Chicago is in Central time so all the “eastern time” servers are in central. For ping purposes anyway.

you do know there is only two data centers for NA. One is in chicago and the other is in LA. So regardless of what the timezone says you are playing on a cst server or a pst server.

Okay, so is it better to be an hour ahead of the server or an hour behind? Im already on a pacific realm, but if I ever switch realms, I’d like your opinion. I feel like being an hour ahead will generally advantageous in terms of things like getting home from work and logging, but then I also might wind up waiting around for folks? Im not sure. I’m also not worried about it, just wondering.

theres a blue post stating all of this

The NY datacenter died a long time ago so this isn’t new.

The only “potential” effect will be that people from those timezones will likely be on that server which could potentially mean that they’ll be raiding/grouping in that particular timezone in mind.

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I don’t get these rules.

Retail gets all the time zones even though there are only two data centers.

Classic gets only two time zones, one of which is not an actual server location.

The actual location they sit in, does not get a timezone specified server.

What the heck?

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