<Natural Selection> NA Horde PVE levelling/social DRUIDS ONLY

I’ve just discovered the fun of playing with a group of all druids and would like to launch into Classic with a new guild. Jack of all trades/master of none, some call us, but the creativity and flexibility of Druids leads to fun gameplay! And there will be unique challenges, to be sure. So come be a cow that turns into cats, bears, walrus, boomchicken, or be a cow who heals. Let’s discuss server choice, once those are known.


I remember watching a vid of a druid raid on IF, was amazing.

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It’ll be my first time playing a Druid.
I was thinking about going to the RP-PVE server, have you picked one yet?

I’m going to go with Atiesh, so just regular PVE.

Have they released server names?

Yes :slight_smile:

Hey Chetak!

Feel free to join us on the Atiesh Discord and the r/Atiesh and share your recruitment post there as well! :slight_smile:


We look forward to seeing you in game!

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I haven’t played druid since back in TBC ,when I was first test driving all the classes to see what I liked the best. This sounds super fun but Holy Cow (pun intended) is gearing up going to be competitive.
I would still do it though just for the fun and unique experience.

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