<Prophecy> [A]| OCE-Arugal-PVP Raiding Guild LFM

My main, just resubbed. Had this priest from vanilla till now.

Well once we know the servers, we will announce where we are going. Beyond that, you can come find us on launch day. We will have the guild up within the first few hours.

might have a look, you guys seem friendly enough, was gunna go horde until somebody twisted my arm.

I’m interested. Will be rolling gnome mage. Had experience upto aq40 in vanilla but this time hoping to full clear naxx.

Oh awesome. Yeah we need more mages :smiley:

Hi Smithboss, I will be resubbing tomorrow and likely be rolling a warlock on the launch day. Are you still recruiting? I can see the official realm list has now been released, check the link below

Good group of guys! Looking forward to raiding with you!

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Indeed we are still recruiting. From the bunch we have now, a warlock would be greatly valued :smiley:

Ok that sounds great. I will make contact on Discord in the next week or so mate.

Oh awesome! Sound great :smiley:

Another Warlock keen to get involved, if you aren’t full up already.
Looking forward to having a group of mates to play with, changes the whole game.

Yeah We are of course still recruiting everything. We understand at this point, people are in between classes before they officially decide on what they want.

Need more bones for the mines

Bumping :smiley:

Can’t wait for it to release… the suspense is killing me! Got a good group so far. Always looking for more!

Another bump :grin:

I am interested in joining depending on what days raids will be, times are good though. Will be rolling a warrior.

Awesome yeah. I think at the moment we are looking at Sunday and Monday, maybe Thursday.

Sounds good, I’ll hit you up on discord closer to launch?

Awesome. We will have our guild up pretty fast on launch, so if you preferred to find us in game first, you can.