Is blizzard ready for 1 million + classic players?

Haha yea. Haven’t seen him win any arguments but he sure does like to refresh that forum page.

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You are an absolute fool if you really believe this.

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… Than anything released by Blizz in over a decade? I’d say than anything released by anybody, ever. :slight_smile:

I been told this before only to be absolutely 100% correct latter. Even Blizzard admitted yesterday in the Activision conference call financial Q and A that they underestimated the numbers of people that will play classic. May Subs spiked with Classic.

Classic dominating the MMO market is inevitable. Easy 10+ million Subs :sunglasses:

By golly they better be!!!

I can’t wait for phase 2 to bring this up again.

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So inevitable they are launching only 11 US servers?


12 in EU, 8 in China.


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But the forums said 10+ million players!!!

Shareholders. You can’t just change metrics without informing them first or they’ll lose faith in the stock which means your company share value will drop.

You were already wrong about NA launching with equal to or less servers than China. Not sure why you’d come back again just to prove you’re already losing the argument you started, rofl.


11 Layered realms. There’s 30-50 realms of capacity buried in these. Bigger than it looks.


Blizzard said they underestimated the amount of players interest in Classic on the financial Q and A. I am sure they will make adjustments to accommodate the millions of new players without many hiccups.

Yes there will easily be 10+ million. Classic is the most hype game to come out in many years. It’s going to be fun the first week of launch.

The goal was to eliminte layering after phase 1 right?

So after the initial surge they expect to only need 11 US servers.

LOL they won’t get a million people playing classic. Get real.

Riiight, it’s not logical to think they’d start with 11 layered servers in phase 1, to feel out the population, then spin up more as the numbers roll in. No, we don’t use logic in these forums.

The goal is to survive launch so that they can see what happens and make future decision on real data and player experiences instead of forum rants and blog posts.

The goal was to minimize the potential impact of launching with too many realms.

We’ll see how many are left as they age and we get closer to Phase 2.

I never said that, stop lying and putting words in my mouth because you’re mad that you were wrong. Here’s what I said a day or two ago:

I have no idea why anyone is talking about servers. It literally doesn’t matter. You act like a Multi-Billion dollar company can’t add 100’s of servers if needed in a few hours to meet demands. How many are listed is irrelevant. When the Subs flood in to play Classic they will add more just as fast.

If they have 30 servers on launch day or whatever and need 100 more by the end of the day it will be done easily. So the server debate that is irrelevant is amusing.

This is a fun thread to bookmark to revisit at the end of phase 1.