Where can I find a list of the Classic Servers IP?

I’m trying to test my ping to each server to determine which would have the lowest. I can’t find the list of servers and their respective IPs.

Send help.

Look at west coast or east coast, then go to live and log on to a west coast or east coast server, check the MS. If the game plays smooth on one of those servers it will play smooth on a classic server.

This has the IPs.

Thats not what I asked. I don’t have an active subscription so I’m looking to ping the Servers IPs to see what it would be on each server.

You should be able to log on perfectly fine with out a sub.


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Thanks, the wiki actually removed the info about the Classic servers (presumably because it was incorrect.)

It has been reported that “Eastern” are in Chicago and “Pacific” are in Los Angeles.

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Here you go bro h ttps://wow.gamepedia.com/Americas_region_realm_list_by_datacenter_(Classic)

Connect the h to https only way to link sry

I’m not sure if Blizzard wants people to literally ping off the realms.

Blizz goes out of their way not to try and make those easily available anymore.
You can instead search for where they are located by city.