Overcrowded Realm Update – August 21

Realm transfers are kind of available at launch. Just create a new character. Couldn’t have progressed your other character significantly - especially since the issue is overcrowding.

No he is. He’s just doing that perpetual gloating troll thing.

I honestly suspect that to be part of blizzard’s mentality. They likely just see RP and RPPVP as legit overflow servers for the PVE and PVP servers.

Been said a thousand times but we need MORE PVE EST SERVERS!
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prepare to get roflstomped!!!

If you seriously think they wait until the last minute to closely watch the numbers you don’t know how any sort of management works. The Name Reservation they pulled was for one purpose and one purpose only: To act as preorder sales in their calculations.

Every AAA gaming company has formula’s that are built on years of experience that says if you have X preorders you need Y servers for launch because they know roughly how many more people will buy between opening of preorders and launch.

One problem with doing this: this wasn’t preorders and Blizz got caught flatfooted. Hell they basically admitted that name reservation was acting as preorders in the Q&A when asked what they will do if all realms go full before launch and here is their answer:

When asked point blank if the amount of people signing up met their expectations or exceeded it they dodged the question:

[quote]Q: Has the reception of Classic met or exceeded expectations? Are there far more people coming back for Classic than expected? Or were you guys right within the predicted ballpark?

A: We’ve been blown away by the response to WoW Classic. The passion from the community is exactly what got us working on this in the first place, and we see new signs of your passion and excitement every day. We’re very excited to make it a reality for all of you next week![/quote]

If the Name Reservation period, that had been going on for 8 full days at that point, had met their expectations they would have stated such because companies always crow when they get things right and start dodging when things go wrong. They dodged and that is why we have this panic post before the weekend because things have gotten so far out of control they can’t keep ignoring it because if they did Monday would have been a bloodbath of negative PR.


Weren’t these 3 the ONLY pvp servers available to choose from on day 1?

You know, that day that many took off from work and many paid 2 weeks early for a month sub with only 2 weeks of gameplay to reserve names on?


Locking a realm would give the illusion that the people on the realm are safe from even more queues (although already high queue times). I imagine people would be even more reluctant to leave the realm if they know it’s locked.

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I am writing this in the hope to add some more information I believe you should consider.
Most of the initial PvP servers where filled by people VERY enthusiastic for classic wow (me included). This necessary means people who for the most part where preparing for this day. Lets call this players the “first wave”.
With this in mind consider the following:

We reserved our character names the first minute we could. If successful (as myself) we would not risk deleting a character name only for chance of getting the same one in a new server. The first wave knows your name sticks in classic. Ways to improve this:

  • Offer temporal over the limit character name reservations.
  • Give more time between the announcement of a new server and its actual opening. I saw the last server opening news hours after it happen.
  • Needs more work, but offer char transfer before the server opens. This would be subject to competition to although a much smaller one.

The first wave knows that low pop servers give an awful experience, thus we don’t want to move to an low pop server. Now you might say, but with this trend they will be full soon! Yes but with whom? …Classic tourists? Servers might be low after some weeks. To be honest I have no idea, it might be very one gets as hooked as we do. This scares me when considering a transfer.
I will rise a possible solution after the next point.

A lot (as myself) are already organized in guilds. More so if we are in the first wave. As you might suspect moving a guild that recruited a several folks over the past weeks is a nightmare. Seeing this thread I asked our guild leader if maybe we should consider moving and got a big no no as we where so fine with the current rooster. Not sure how to address this…

I see some kind of prisoners dilemma here: What is good for all of as if we all act responsible is not good for myself if the group doesn’t.

I know this might sound a little drastic and lots of work ( I am a game dev myself) but consider the following:

  • Spit the full servers in 2.
  • Only original accounts get to select one of the 2 servers for some time (please more than a few hours so guilds can organize). This would transfer the whole name. As there is no name overlapping.
  • While you might think this would put the servers below your threshold of acceptable population (not sure not knowing what each pop label means) please consider we are talking about the first wave thus people more likely to stay in the server.

Here are my 2 grains of salt. If anyone read all the way down please as I am just 1 guy please confirm me if you thing something similar about the 3 points raised.


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Nope that is incorrect. There was 5 PvP servers to choose from on day 1. For Eastern it was Herod, Faerlina and Thalnos. For Western it was Whitemand and Fairbanks. I was one of the intial people that got through before the log in queue happened those were the 5 PvP servers. However Blizzard was slow in reacting to the filling up of servers as Herod hit full within 24 hrs but Blizzard didn’t immediately open a new server they waited until that server had a 10000+ queue.


You are not wrong. From the lack of foresight all the way down to the comically bad server names, it is easily to perceive this launch as something blizzard is hoping will fail.


I’m not going to be happy with a queue since I’m on Whitemane. However, I will tolerate it. I don’t want the chance of choosing a low pop server to find it dies out in 6 months to a year.

People in this thread say that we’re being bullheaded about staying on “our” server even being level 1. But what they fail to recognize is Blizzard does not care about classic. There are few servers to minimize operating and development costs while pretending to give us an authentic experience. It’s very evident that they aren’t interested in it. The only reason it is here is to fix the ever sloughing subscriptions.

They’re doing everything they can to monetize this game that they’ve said they will not (which is still fine). The 2 week name reservation was to get more subscriptions before the next quarter. Don’t believe for a second it was for the players.

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Grob still lookin’ good :heart:

Obviously they’ve been watching the numbers. They have also made many posts trying to get players to move servers. They aren’t just going to freak out and make a ton of servers without giving the players to move themselves. This is why its takes time to roll out servers during reservation phase. It gives the player base time to make their moves. Sunday/Monday will be the real number crunch day and when they start making more moves with reliable numbers.

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I sincerely hope the launch of Classic is not another Blizzard flop. With all the years of experience , there is no excuse for failure. There are few options for us choosing PVE servers on the east coast. The west coast servers are out due to ping time. It appears the eastern patrons are more interested in Classic. Time is running out.

Lol my pets are definitely going to require more attention now.

If Blizzard doesnt add a PVE EST SERVER in the upcoming days they are actually trying to make sure launch goes bad for everyone…

The only 2 PVE EST servers atm are full… no actual way for us to move.
Without other choices, when the wave of people that didnt reserve names add up to the count we might be screwed.


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You obviously haven’t been paying attention this entire week. Go back and re read the blue posts starting on the 16th where Blizz only was concerned for Herod and never told the player base that servers with High pops will have queues also and work your way to today. The information in this blue post should have been disseminated on the 16th but they hid facts from the playerbase because it shows that they were unprepared for the large numbers of players.


If you would really like to give people a reason to switch servers open up more time zone options. Id jump to a central server without a second thought.

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You do realize that all of the major ones have eventually been shut down over the years? Also, do you think Blizzard won’t be extremely more diligent about shutting them down once Classic is live and they’re directly taking subs away from them? It’s $$, don’t be naive.

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You can expect server populations to increase much more at release when everyone’s friends who haven’t subbed yet come join them.