Anyone know where the physical servers for Whitemane will be?

I read Blizz has east coast servers in Chicago and New York. Anyone know where Whitemane will be?

Edit** Whitemane server is Chicago. Thanks Neuromage.

https:// worldofwarcraft.fandom. com/et/wiki/US_realm_list_by_datacenter

Thanks for a link to the retail server locations. Now if you could provide one for Whitemane it should answer my questions.

Either wait for the link I gave you to be updated, or do your own research. I pulled that from Google.

Someone is a little privileged aren’t we

That was hard.

I’m asking here because I can’t find the information after googling myself. I’m hoping someone else knows and can share that information. Sorry if I seem ungrateful, I do appreciate people trying to help.

They are located in Los Angeles. There are only 2 Blizzard data centers right now, Chicago and LA. EST is in Chicago (which is really CST) and PST is in LA.

There you go.


Thanks, I know Whitemane is east coast. I’m asking if anyone knows if it will be located in Chicago or New York (both considered east coast).

Whitemane is west coast not east coast.

They are almost always in the basement.

The Whitemane server is Pacific timezone. As to where the actual location of the physical server is, I’m not sure anyone outside of Blizzard employees are privy to that information.

I would assume that a Pacific timezone server would be located in the Pacific timezone but we all know what happens when you assume.