Lightning's Blade old timers <3

Ez, sup GM bro. Not sure yet I will know by Sunday. Hope all is well and hello everyone great to see the incredible energy.

These posts have brought back so many memories! Shout out to Ming, TerminatorX, SammyJ, Cheese, the undead priest, Aedack, Jerin the rogue, Sindar and all you homies from Demonhunters. Tangii and all the R 14’s. I dueled for DAYS /played with you all on my blue-geared pally Jabeth. Waaaayyy back when Perdition’s Blade looked like a little crappy curved firey hook. Hope to see some of you in classic! I mainly played my rogue “Rightarm” on Hakkar before it became a spanish-speaking server. Shout out to Eternal Union and Ayrll the R14 gnome mage and The Knuckleheads!

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Ohhhhh dear. This could be trouble.

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hello hows everyone doing hey Fancypantsz ! nice to see all these old players :smiley: add me !!! Coldskin#1979

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Wow, TerminatorX and SammyJ? Naming the real old schoolers.

Ok so seriously now that Blizzard announced the classic servers, where are we playing

so who is grinding r14 again?

According to the FB Group, looks like it is going to Thalnos.

it’s crazy to see so many that i remember from ages ago, looking forward to seeing everyone in game

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Sup Berethor 8)
Too old and beat up for R14 a second time. I may play tho. I’m still not sure yet.

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Damn wheres all the Fallen Angels and Aftermath people at :disappointed_relieved:

Wow!! Add me


OMG long time no see ! I’m trying to install WOW now but might have to get a new pc, my system died a few months ago and not sure this crappy laptop can handle it :slight_smile:

There is an LB discord server, just msg me and I’ll shoot you a link if you are interested or anyone else is, Zasha#4883 on discord and Zasha #2690 in WOW

Not me! :smiley:

I can’t wait to catch you in-game and hopefully on discord, I miss your sexy Frenchiness from long past days on vent ~ there is an LB discord server, just msg me and I’ll shoot you a link, Zasha#4883 on discord and Zasha #2690 in WOW

Some peeps made an LB facebook page that has everyone talking about what server to choose and it has the info for LB discord for anyone that is interested.

I’m really hoping we all can play on the same server. I miss y’all!

What server is every 1 going from Lightning blade for Classic ??

It is hard to figure out. Apparently, there is a ton of people on Thalnos not even speaking English.

Herod / Faerlina / Thalnos

I would make your names on all those servers in that order. Remember it is not going live for another couple of weeks.

Also, does anyone miss Digital Gangsters?

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I sure do! =)

@Mia - You coming back then?

Edit: Justind

ofc Im coming back. Zyk too.

RED = DEAD, its the law.

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