WoW Classic Realm Names and Types - Updated Aug. 27


Where are these servers physically hosted?


RIP to my midwest homies


Odd decision to have the single server types on the extreme sides of NA rather than central.

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My first thought too, Mankrik is going to be such a troll fest…

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Yeah, best ping in that timezone


Grobbulus lol.

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I thought there will be, they just haven’t posted those ones yet.

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We’re on the US forums.

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Not enough Servers.
Calling it now! Just like I called the Server info being released today.

Oh Boy…Release is going to be BAD! I hope People did not take time off of work until the 30th maybe when they will be able to finally Log in to play.
Been there, Done that in 2004!


I’m interested to find out myself!


WAY TOO LITTLE! You are wanting private server populations but you don’t realize that region servers mean everyone is going to be playing at the same 7 hours after work. Vanilla wasn’t built for 15k players online all at the same time, farming is going to be so bad.

How many is a conservative estimate for US players on pvp realms? 100k = 20k per realm. 200k = 40k.


Haha, those are kind of lame names for realms.

Edit: those realm names are not kind of lame, they’re flat out stupid. A little more thought could’ve went into this, those are the absolute goofiest realm names you could’ve come up with.

How disappointing.


Why are both RP servers on opposite sides of the country despite one being pve and one being pvp? You couldn’t have just stuck them central as a balance? Come on, tf.


I would exchange these names for some of the RETAIL names. Give the S$%y names to retail and give us the originals back!

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how many times do people have to say there are only 2 NA servers hubs now before people actually start to listen.

there is only East and West now. One hub is Chicago, the other is LA.


Mankrik… I love it :slight_smile:


Oi, it’s Flatfeet from Firetree and Chosen. What up dude. -Darkaine from Firetree. Probably New York and LA.


Now, please let us know where the streamers will be. So we can avoid them, especially Asmondgold and his crew.

Also, disappointed on the realm names selection… Clearly ran out of ideas on the name department.


I thought EST/CST share severs in Chicago anyway? Why are people whining?

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PLEASE PLEASE add a central server. We are already fighting what server to play on