StaySafe (confirmed by Esfand) have released 2 servers they are NOT playing on

Fairbanks (PvP West)
Thalnos (PvP East)

I have no idea if they speak for the whole streaming community but if Asmond and Sodapop agree to this then that is enough for me

Again these are servers they are NOT playing on


If I’m not mistaken Esfand was recruited by the method guys for classic so I’d assume that stands for them as qell?

Darn I was going to whitemane but if it’s crazy busy it’s Fairbanks for me.

Herod PvP East is going to be the streamer server I am sure.


Pretty sure they are going to play on a East coast server as well because of the Euro streams that want to play on NA

Are these EU servers? Because they aren’t on my realm list.

most likely choosing Thalnos. See yall there for the race

WoW Classic Realm Names and Types

OOOOOooo wow thats so nice of them lmao

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Rumour I’ve heard is most streamers are going to be on Herod.
I don’t care where they go as long as they leave Grobby alone.

wow, how on earth did i miss this lol. Thx!

Even if the streamers play mainly on a non-RP server you can bet your house on the fact Soda and Asmon will make polluted forays into the RP servers to garner more viewers while they disrupt the community. History.