I love how there are people here trying to justify BR moving to Thalnos and all OP was suggesting was a Latin American server for the BR players, which makes sense.

OP, just let them play on Thalnos. Most people are already avoiding this server because they don’t want to end up on Azralon 2.0. Play on Herod (streamers) or Faerlina (if you want to play with Spanish players). Otherwise, just pick a west coast PvP server and avoid all this drama.

All I’m suggesting is races have their own homeland, which makes sense. - richard spencer - leader of the alt right.

Yikes! This must mean Blizzard is racist for having Latin American servers.


It’s a shame they didn’t make at least 1 realm for Mexico/Spanish/South America.


I think we shouldn’t have them personally. Koreans, chinese, brazilians, americans, should all be on the same server. This would be more fun for me.

the term is “romance language”

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this right here

this kills discussion and encourages hate.

let everyone blow off steam and talk out their frustrations without labeling them please.

It’s gonna be toxic af trying to communicate with a language barrier. Zero negotiation of loot drops… pure selfishness


Hi, the brazilian you asked for. Yes, i belive we should have a brazilian realm. There are things to consider, old and new. The language is a big barrier and most people from here didnt play back than bc of it, now we have the translated version which opened the gates, if there is a translated version unlike the original, we should have a brazilian realm unlike the original wow.

If we dont, unfortunantly there is not much all the others can do :C

And about the continent, DUDE we are also in American Continent. The line crossing water thing, is not a argument for that, sorry.


I dont know man. i mean if the realm is OVERpopulated then there might be tension but I think there will be room for many many pockets of populations. I mean, that is what guilds are after all right? its just a way for people to identify with a group.

I just see a lot of doomsday stuff here on the forums right now and, like, it is going to be ok.

is not like there was no barrier of communication on original right? :confused:

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Well, no, technically south america is it’s own continent and north america is its own continent.

But like you say, you really have no choice but to join the “americas” servers

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Friend, is a google search from the truth.

Yeah im sure all brazilians just collectively do this. Just like all japanese raped nanking, all americans owned slaves, and all thai people support lese majeste. Because people aren’t individuals. They are members of collective racial groups that share the same actions and thoughts.


This is a valid post, please dont bother making it a bigotry show off. I’m not using shooting as a joke to try to make it seem that i have anything close to a point in here. We all have our tragedies.

thank u

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We already play, ours servers host are on usa


Right, forgot about how cheap Activision is

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YIKES this thread got scary really quickly.

I hate to say it but English speaking players do not want to play with Non-English speaking players.

Multiculturalism does not work sadly. Never has, never will.


Hello NA, I’m from SA, more specifically Brazil. I’m reposting this text from another post.

I’m really counting the days for classic and I would like to clarify some things: Language is not a barrier for most of us in Brazil, our native language is portuguese, and no, we dont play on Ragnaros (Many people think we do), but we can understand spanish as well. I get really sad with posts like this because last time I played Raids in WoW our tank was from NA, it was really fun to speak and play with with him. He was really nice. I understand that some people are toxic, but this kind of people exists everywhere as you can see there are several comments on this post full of hate. Most of classic players from Brazil can communicate in english, we are used to it. We are going to try avoid streamers too because we want a real classic community experience that we can not build with big streamers around, but I’m not avoiding any people because of language, if you see someone speaking another language you could just kindly ask if they can speak english, and maybe you will have a good experience. If Blizzard make a SA server probabily we would still prefer NA because Spanish is quite diferent from portuguese. We are going to Thalnos, we will try to speak english always on general chat to avoid any language barrier. Probabily you already play with some brazilians all the time on retail but do not even notice. I hope you all have a great vanilla experience. Peace! <3