PVE to PVP transfers should be allowed by next week

Dear Blizzard Devs,

I’m writing this in hopes of getting your attention to make a change that would support a more active and thriving WoW community and in tandem, also being beneficial as an additional revenue source for Blizzard.

There are countless forum posts that have appealed for no restrictions between PVE to PVP servers as the reasons for it are irrelevant.

Let me share the link to where you can find the countless forum posts here:


I’ll also share a couple of the forum posts from the list of 100+ made here:

I’m trying to centralize this point that has been made across 100+ forum posts in hopes of getting attention on how many people really want this change to be made for us, and I could go on and on and share more links but I just wanted to share these to show that there are many people who want this.

Now, to make a rebuttal towards the old reasons as to why this wasn’t allowed until 6 months prior to the WOTLK pre-patch…

The main reason we were told back in the day was that people would easily level and gear up on a PvE server and can then transfer over to a PvP server and dominate there.

This is not how the game works, actually, and the top-tier raiding guilds in the world are all predominately in PvP servers.

In today’s PvP leveling culture, while many still quest and enjoy the occasional PvP with an opposing faction member, most people are just running instances constantly for more xp per hour.

Since the best PvE gear comes from raids and there’s no PvP element inside a raid, the point being made about it being easier to gear on a PvE server is not true.

The only benefit someone has for leveling in a PvE server is questing without the fear of being killed by an opposing faction member, but those people are not the ones who want to transfer to a PvP realm anyway…those are the people who avoid PvP at all costs and they are happy to stay in their PvE servers.

Anyone who wants to level and gear up a character on a PvP server wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of leveling on a PvE server and then paying a $25 fee to transfer. There’s literally no need to do that and the world first 70s in TBC classic all came from PvP servers. They just run instances non-stop.

While I don’t believe it would’ve been an issue to allow PvE to PvP transfers back then, it’s completely not an issue today as the way people are playing the game today is different as well.

One of the other reasons I’ve heard is that it’s to maintain the integrity of the Classic experience, but if that’s the case, why did your company allow 58 boosts? Allowing this simple restriction to be released would not ruin the Classic experience, it would only enhance it as so many players who want to be part of a thriving PvP community.

One of the common responses players here when they’re told why they can’t transfer from PVE to PVP is to just “reroll” a character on a PvP server or do the 58 boost. But if the 58 boost was never allowed previously, then why can’t we remove this restriction which is only causing hundreds and hundreds of players to feel frustrated AND limiting more revenue for Blizzard?

The overwhelming majority of people would have no issue with players transferring from PVE to PVP realms, and this can even help balance out servers…for instance, Pagle is almost 100% Alliance and Faerlina is 3-to-1 Horde now. If Alliance from Pagle were allowed to transfer to Faerlina Alliance, it would help balance out the server.

The few people who have the objections are the ones on the PVE servers who would never transfer to a PVP server, and thus their statements are irrelevant because it doesn’t even apply to them.

Allowing this change would, of course, also be a great revenue boost for the company and would certainly ensure longer and renewed subscriptions from the many people who have felt trapped by the exceptionally outdated and irrelevant restriction rule.

Beyond the revenue boost, it will make all these players in the 100+ forum posts feel seen and heard, and that’s what I think community is truly about.

I hope this can be implemented on Tuesday’s reset as we are beginning to enter phase 2, as this outdated and completely irrelevant restriction is only causing many players to feel frustrated and costing Blizzard extra revenue.

Thank you.


lifting this would be greatly appreciated


Care Bear Stare!


I’m sure they’re going to lift it soon. I mean, if you’re offering the boost why not?


That’s one of the many points I made in my rebuttal, although it shouldn’t have been put in place in the first place. Let’s hope we can raise more attention on this thread to get the response and action from developers to make this a reality starting with phase 2.

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I think it had a place back in the day. But they’re probably going to remove it soon.

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I don’t see why not. Yes


I don’t even think it had a place back in the day but today it’s completely irrelevant. Today, people who want max leveled and geared alts on PvP servers just buy instance boosts until 70 and then take their characters on raids with their fully geared friends or do GDKPs because they have a lot of gold. They wouldn’t go to a PvE server and quest and avoid world PvP and then transfer to a PvP server because they’d never need to.

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Yeah this makes sense to me, this is an archaic rule that needs to change.


Honestly I think its absurd to limit the playing field of where we play and who we play with. I think that doing this allows the freedom for players to be able to make a move that benefits their playstyle. Also doing this is a increase in revenue for the company as whole. I personally see this as a no brainer.


Not a fan of lifting the restriction. Leveling on a PVP realm is a rite of passage – you have to endure a lot of ganking from the enemy faction until you are one doing the ganking.

It just doesn’t seem fair for someone to level safely on a PVE realm and transfer to a PVP realm to gank lowbies.


thing is once people realize it will take forever to get into SSC or anything on that bottleneck … pvp servers will have even more massive transfers

There’s literally no rite of passage to lvl on a PvP server with the boosts lol. Plus, have you ACTUALLY seen how people lvl? Besides, people who want to xfer and even lvl on a PvP server would happily do it. What’s the difference if they’re 60 or a 58 boost? Nothing really… Also there is no debate about “fairness” with your statement. That was the archaic belief that Blizzard once held that is completely irrelevant because of the way people level and play. It’s more fun to level on a PvP server, not less. What is unfair is to restrict people to transfer from PvE to PvP. Leveling on a PvP server is easy for anyone who’d actually want to be on a PvP server anyway. The people who don’t want that are extremely content staying on a PvE server. The point is, plenty of people want to go to a PvP server from their PvE server because of an active PvP and arena community. Anybody who wants to “level safely” on a PvP server just runs instances or buys boosts lol.


How prevalent do you think boosts are? Especially for players leveling their first character on a new server?

Leveling on a PVP realm is absolutely a rite of passage. The world is a lot more dangerous on PVP realms. Players from PVE servers shouldn’t just get to experience all the rewards without going through that rite of passage.

The restrictions should stay imo.


So let the people who want to transfer from PvE to PvP. Plenty of people want that, regardless of the fights that’ll happen between factions at the SSC entrance.

Allow interaccount transfers as well since they were available in ORIGINAL TBC and are available NOW on retail. Make it unavailable for boosts


It’s not only the boosts that make the restriction irrelevant. It’s also the fact that there are so many PvP servers that are basically one faction PvE servers now. What’s to stop somebody from leveling on a PvP server that’s entirely their faction, then transferring to a more active server at max level?

I’m usually no changes, but the purity that the restriction is trying to preserve can be circumvented so many other ways it’s not worth it to fight this particular battle IMO

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You’re assuming world pvp doesn’t happen at end level? This is a foolish thought. And you genuinely think people would want to “abuse the system” by leveling on a PvE server and transferring to a PvP server when they can just buy instance boosts or spam dungeon runs for xp? That makes no sense lol. Also, many of these people who want to xfer their char to PvP already have a char on a PvP server. They just want their other chars on PvP servers too. And if it’s a first timer going PvE to PvP, why are you complaining bro? It’s a first timer. They’ll still have their rite of passage at whatever level they’re at lol. Removing the restrictions makes a ton of people happy and makes Blizz more money. I don’t see how it negatively affects you. You seem to be happy wherever you are. Let other people be happy where they want to be.

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Yes I agree. Allow transfers from PvE to PvP.


Changing transfers from PvE to PvP would be amazing.