Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

So those of us who dropped a million plus on WoW tokens because we thought it’d exist and we could get the gold back when the economy is better don’t exist.



Things in any game shouldn’t be removed, taken away or become unobtainable in my opinion. It would be funny if this sort of thing happened at a restaurant though. 'Enjoying your steak sir? -Yes thank you- ‘Great, glad to hear it.’ [Throws steak dinner into the trash] -…Wha , Why’d you do that?- ‘We are removing steak from the menu, so…Yeah…Don’t worry though, you still have to pay the full price.’ ~ Angry chef in the background watching his work be thrown out -But that guy is leaving with his steak.- ‘Well obviously you should know how to read minds, or atleast datamine.Hahaha, okay safe drive.’~ I get that the mount isn’t really “Going away.” Feeling good about reaching a personal goal is nice, it’s just bad form to exclude others. (Not just talkin’ about this mount btw) [:


I’m going to reiterate…

This move feels bad on a number of fronts:

  1. It was only “officially” shared after someone data mined and posted the topic. The communication from Blizzard has been extremely disappointing. Weren’t you guys working on this or did the “corporate restructuring” toss those plans in the bin?
  2. Removing YET more things from the game sucks.
  3. The timing of this removal FEELS like a slimy move to “encourage” token sales and push free-to-play (F2P) metrics like time played, active subscribers, tokens purchased, etc.

Creating scarcity for the sake of pushing sales is NOT the Blizzard that we all enjoyed back in the glory days of WoW. If you folks want to increase subscriptions please stop pulling these antics. Reversal of this decision about the long boi would be a nice gesture to show you’re listening to players. Do the right thing Blizz.


Nonsense. Just because you don’t know how to make gold without doing “unintended” things doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to do so.


It’s highly disappointing that we still don’t have an official explanation as to why this is happening.

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We want to be perfectly clear on this – we do not intend to remove the AH vendor from this mount, especially when some players put in a great deal of effort to acquire this mount specifically for that functionality. Of course, we remember that we removed the Mystic Birdhat’s Reforging from the Grand Expedition Yak, but that was because we removed Reforging from the game.

The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur is something that fundamentally alters players’ flow around the world, and it’s a unique convenience, but it’s certainly not essential. We’ve seen how luxury mounts like the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth started out as something special and rare: a repair vendor wherever you are! They were originally ultra-exclusive and mostly purchased by guild banks for convenient raid use, but then became increasingly commonplace due to gold inflation over time.

We think that a moderate amount of gold inflation is healthy. It ensures that new or returning players can catch up and participate in server economies without having to put in a herculean effort to avoid being priced out of essential goods. In this case, we want to ensure that in the long run, years from now, we don’t find ourselves looking around and seeing AH mounts that are as common as repair mounts are today.


Did you know from the start you wanted to remove it or was it a last min type thing? Just curious


Wow if only you had some way that you could change the numbers in the game and change the price of it in the next expansion instead of removing it.

Or if only you could have announced it was going to be removed at the beginning of the expansion…

Sadly, these are impossible tasks.


What about the Brutosaur mount model itself? Why are there no other options besides the AH version? You’d save a lot of grief if we had other ways to get the model.


I mean it’s pretty obvious from the ridiculous post we are replying to that they don’t care how much pushback they get, because $$$


This seems problematic to me, since we have two examples (the mammoth and the yak) that were limited in the past because of the price tag but became “common” with inflation. If this was an honest concern, and you didn’t want an AH mount to eventually become commonplace, why not label it as limited from the start? Or, why make an AH mount to start with?

If there was not the realization early that they may eventually become commonplace with inflation in the future, that’s not necessarily a good look, either.


And of course the first time they reply in 15 days, it’s “OH NO!!! Don’t worry! If you buy it now it’ll still have the auction house on it! Don’t worry! Buy buy buy!”


Wow, what a cowardly excuse to remove this mount. So you just don’t want players having it.

And here I thought it was healthy for the game to have things that are desirable that you can work towards. Today I learned that something being interesting and desirable in an MMO is actually a bad thing.

Shame on Blizzard for this decision. If you just wanted it to be rare, you would have said from the get-go that this mount was limited time.

Can I just ask you one question: Why is it bad that more people have the Tundra Mammoth? Why is it a bad thing that it’s something people can get if they so want it?

Perhaps maybe you should consider WHY mounts are used the way they are used, and why people enjoy them. Maybe you should try and make mounts engaging and unique more often, like in Guild Wars where various types of mounts have different abilities.

But no, that would be too much effort. To say that I am disappointed is a tremendous understatement.



I will say, that was a decent response but the fact it was over 2 weeks later instead of in the first blue post does not help this issue at all.

Actually, it will be worse now, lol.


Until there is a 100% guarantee, it gives them too much wiggle room to get rid of it at some point. When the took away Birdhat and removed reforging, the mount is utterly nothing. They did it before, they will do it again unless their jobs are on the line and they are willing to back it up with a full inflated gold refund.

They should have left reforging in the game or refunded all the gold for the Yak!


Would’ve been better to get a warning that “The Brutosaur is going extinct after BfA” at the start of the expansion, not halfway through the expansion. Just saying.

Not just a forum post about it, but an in-game warning, like the vendor in an obvious, well-traveled location attempting to hawk the mount to nearby players.

I have several guildmates that can attest otherwise, as they extensively used his new transmog services to correct their fashion travesties out in the field. :stuck_out_tongue: (…I do miss reforging, though.)


And why does it matter if it’s common place?

Why not try to keep inflation at a pretty stable rate?

Why punish people intent on slowly grinding towards this mount just for the sake of artificial scarcity?


I wouldnt have been mad. I get that they dont want everyone to have a mobile AH. But like i’ve said so many times I wasted so much gold this xpac assuming it’d stay


So you think just give an exclusivily AH mount to those who could afford back on time is a great idea? I mean, who have this mount gonna break AH alone, and who doesn’t is just lost.

I have about 80-90% of the mounts ingame (just stopped to play like 6 months ago to do some thing IRL), about 90% of the achievements, about 90% of the toys and i guess 80% of the pets (IDK, six months might added some pets ingame), but with that so many gold gimmicks i just couldn’t afford my real life and the so many things in game. I intended to play again in 2020 or something, but things like this, half million mounts on Island Expedition, another half million on dungeons, 6.5 million on gold sink mounts (just in this exp) kind makes me sad to return.

WoW unfortunately don’t worth my time anymore, it’s impossible to give a break and recap if Blizzard just remove a million things from the players. Guess my 700 days main won’t have another single day on Azeroth like this.


Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have converted so much gold to WoW tokens if I knew. Would’ve been at 4.3 million gold toward the mount when I resubbed instead of 3.3 million.