[H][Area 52] <Café Disco> Needs a Disc/Holy Priest! | 2/10M, 9/10H | Thurs/Mon 8-11pm EST

Goal: Pushing for Cutting Edge at a casual pace

Raid Schedule: Thursday & Monday 8-11pm Eastern

Progression: 2/10M, 9/10H, 10/10N Sanctum of Domination

Castle Nathria: 6/10M, AOTC

Recruiting: Highest need is a 5th healer for Mythic progression - preferably a Disc Priest, but considering any Priest/Paladin healers. The ability to flex DPS is a plus!

Café Disco is a Mythic raiding guild that re-formed for Shadowlands in January 2021. We have a solid core of friendly individuals that make each raid night an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to push for Cutting Edge on a casual schedule - even if it takes us until the last week of each raid tier to accomplish.

As the guild leader, I would like to maintain a Mythic roster of roughly 25 dedicated raiders so people can take time off as Real Life might demand. There will be no hard bench; players will be rotated regularly to ensure everyone gets gear and experience.

Try us out for a night - no strings attached! If you’re already locked out or otherwise unavailable, you can watch one of our raiders stream. Don’t hesitate to contact me on Discord for more information:


I look forward to hearing from you!

Try us out this week!

Raiding Heroic Castle Nathria tonight! Come try us out.

When was the last time you had fun raiding? If you had to think about it, reach out to me :slight_smile:

Tonight we raid!

We’re growing! Come join us on our next Heroic run. :slight_smile:

Raiding tonight! We have more room for ranged DPS!

Hey guys, im a 10/10h dh tank, do you have room for tank?

We are full on tanks - primarily recruiting Ranged DPS at the moment!

Check us out this Thursday! No strings attached :sunglasses:

We raid tonight!

Garfield doesn’t hate Mondays as much as these raid bosses do. :sunglasses:

Hope everyone had a good vault day.

We are raiding tonight!

Tonight we raid again!

Hope everyone got nice loot in their vaults this week :slight_smile:

Officially mythic raiding! :slight_smile:

Tonight we are raiding! Again!

Progressing steadily!

Hoping to go 3/10 this week, if not tonight. Come heal for us!