[H][Area 52] <Café Disco> Needs a Disc/Holy Priest! | 2/10M, 9/10H | Thurs/Mon 8-11pm EST

Still looking for a healer for tonight’s raid!

We’re looking for some more talented DPS to bolster our roster with. Please reach out if you’re interested!

Would like to trial some DPS tonight

bumping for more DPS!

Where the mages and warlocks at??

Still looking for more DPS!

Bumperoni with mushroom and onion

Hello… is it you I’m looking for?

Where all the ranged DPS at?


Yes, Blizzard. This is a complete sentence. That was all I wanted to say, but now you’ve made it awkward.

Happy May Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Artificer should should go down pretty soon! Come join us for it. :slight_smile:

Bumping! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Come join us I swear we’re fun :pleading_face:

Need more DPS for tomorrow!

Need more DPS for tonight!

Join us Monday night!

Need DPS for SoD!

Hello, I would love to chat about joining your guild.
I am previous CE NYA player, returning for 9.1 raiding. Im playing boomkin/resto and have someone that would love to play holy paladin
grumpykitten#18572 bnet