214 Mage & 206 War LF Horde Guild


Nystic (214 Fire mage) and Crysis (206 Arms Warrior) are currently alliance raiders who are 7/10 Heroic in Castle Nathria. We are finally going to make the swap to horde and are looking for a raiding guild to join that works with our schedule:

  • 2 day raiding guild (a 3rd optional raid is fine)
  • Raids on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Raid time is 8pm - 11pm EST or 9pm - 12pm EST
  • Guild is at least 6/10 H
  • We are interested in Mythic raiding though not required


Nystic (me) has been a raid lead going back to TBC. Most recently I raid led mythic Antorus to 7/11 and mythic Uldir to 4/7 before quitting BFA. I’m currently raid leading a classic guild on Tues/Thurs who has cleared Naxx. I’m only raid leading in classic because our raid leader stepped down and someone needed to step up, I love my classic guild so I took on the role to ensure the guild stayed together and continued progressing. I much prefer to be a raider nowadays, but hopefully this shows how much I’m willing to do for a guild.

Crysis and I have been raiding since TBC. We are both high parsing dps (can share logs) who are also fine sacrificing our parse to do mechanics. Getting the kill is top priority and we will do what is required to make that happen. Crysis is able to play arms or fury and Nystic can play Fire or Frost (still learning the new arcane rotation). Our class knowledge will allow us to adapt if the meta shifts.

I understand our Thursday might conflict with your current Classic raiding schedule, but keep us in mind if anything changes. :slight_smile:

We are a newly re-formed guild that will focus on mythic raiding and pushing CE as soon as we can fill out our roster and get everyone geared up. In the mean time, we are organizing Heroic PUGs during our normal raiding hours of Thursday & Monday 8-11pm Eastern. You’re welcome to try us out for a night. My contact information can be found here:


We start slightly later than you are looking for, 930-1230 eastern, but I think we could be a good fit. Check out our post.


Hey there, we are a 7/10H guild that is currently recruiting to push into Mythic on Bleeding Hollow. We raid Tuesday/Friday 8:00 -11:30 PM EST. We currently have about 17 raiders that are in our heroic group that will be going into mythic. Hit me up on Discord or Bnet if you are interested, we would love to have a mage and warrior join us!

Graves#1351 on Bnet

Graves#5073 on Discord

Hey Nystic,

[H] Area-52 Guild 7/10 Heroic is currently recruiting players to push into Mythic content and for CE.

Our guild currently consists of older gamers (25-30+) and is looking to expand our gaming community with talented and skilled players who want to down the content without the drama, egos, or toxicity. Most of us have been raiding together for 4+ years.

We are currently 10/10 Heroic and 10/10 Normal in Nathria and will be pushing AOTC soon. This will begin our mythic raiding.

We currently raid from 10:30 PM EST - 1:30 AM EST

We are currently recruiting any of the following classes/specs:

-Arms DPS Warrior
-Mages (Fire / Arcane)
-Shadow Priests

Disclaimer - We do not have any tank or healing positions open at this time

If you are interested in raiding with us, or want more information please message Axial #1159.

Thank you for your time!

Insert a guild name here is looking for strong dps.

We are 6/10h
Raid Fri and Sat 10pm-2am cst
Hit me up at Magicmuffins#1764

Hey, still looking for a guild? I’m with Revengeance on Bleeding Hollow, our times are set at Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm est. If that works for you, you can message Numenex in game or add
Battletag : Adam#14502
Discord: Adam#7838

Hi there! Check out our recruitment post and if you think we may be a fit for you send me a message! [H]<Safehouse> Area 52 Late Night Guild 2 Night