[H] 207 MM Hunter LF Raiding Guild

Wed/Thurs Nights are the best time.

Consistently get AOTC and push mythic each tier since Tomb of Sargeras. I really enjoy doing M+ keys and want to push higher io this expansion.

Been pugging Normal each week and as much as Heroic that I can get into.

Currently on Hyjal. Open to transferring as long as it is Horde and a good size server.

Message me on Discord: Vtuber#7666 or Bnet: Vtuber#1906

Hello, I’m form the horde Guild Overtuned on Zul’jin and we’re looking for more ranged dps for our heroic prog team. Our first week we went 10/10 normal and 4/10 heroic. Our raid times are Thursday and Friday 7-10pm EST. I sent a discord friend request if you’re interested in talking.

Hey hey!

We are looking for Healers and DPS, and we think you would be a great fit for us.
We’re also going for the Keystone Master Mount every season!

Raid times: Fridays from 8-11pm EST (thinking about adding on Sat as well)
Realm: Greymane/Tanaris
Faction: Horde

We are pushing hard to get AOTC this patch and every patch forward. We’re a great group of friends that love to have fun, but actually prog.

Please reach out to my officer (Gothicaria#3122) if you are interested, or respond here.

Thank you!! Hope to chat soon :slight_smile:

For your consideration! We raid Thursday and Monday evenings and we’d be happy to have you tag along to one of our heroic runs. :slight_smile: