<Cinder and Ash> LF Ranged DPS Fri/Sat 7-10c 9/12M

Name: Cinder and Ash
Faction: Horde
Server: Mal’Ganis

Current Progression: 9/12M
Raid Days: Friday and Saturday 7:00pm-10:00pm, CST (Server Time).
Needs: bm hunter, warlock, fire mage

We run an optional Heroic full clear on Sundays 7-10 server.

About Us:
Our group members vary but we are mostly twenty&thirty-somethings who love to progress together as a team. We are a fairly easy going group of individuals. Some have been together for years, and some are significantly newer - we are always welcome to new “faces” in the guild. We enjoy doing dungeons together, and do M+ together regularly. We strive for a structured and competitive raid, constantly analyzing logs and improving ourselves, and you should too.

What We Are Looking For:
We are mainly looking for players who want to push Mythic, though we accept all players provided they are respectful. It does not bother me if your progression is not as progressed as ours, as long as you’re willing to put in the work to learn and can pull your weight.

We keep our roster above 20 to account for absences and fights where we need more ranged than melee. We do not perma-bench people and aim to rotate people as much as possible when we don’t have sitting volunteers. You might get sat for a boss sometimes, but it will not be a regular occurrence.

Exceptional players of all classes and roles always considered.
We are willing to consider any classes so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Casuals are welcome.

Paeoni, Ember#1670

A good bunch of people who like to get it done, if my schedule permitted I would be still with em


Thanks, Tajan! We miss you too!

Updated. 5/12H


I am interested in joining your guild / raid team. Do you additionally have a website or application to review, or is it best to get in touch in game?

Just a brief bit about myself, first I am currently on Mal-Ganis Alliance but am not tied to the faction in any special way (especially given the fact that Alliance side is dead on this server) and am open to faction changing. I have not been heavily playing or raiding since the earlier part of BFA and would say I am on the lower average of gear level (~420 ilvl).

Either way, I am looking to get heavier back into BFA as things slow down in Classic and for me personally the weekend raid times are a huge plus! I have several classes available, but my preference is to play on this character, a Hunter.

I look forward to getting in touch soon.


Our website is kicking-ash dot com (it yelled at me to put no links blech), but getting in touch on bnet, discord, or in game works, too! We could definitely use your hunter and many run M+ throughout the week that could help you catch up on gear.

Awesome, thanks! I will be in touch!

Updated. 8/12h

Updated. 10/12, with Carapace to .5% blech

bump. 11/12

bump 12/12h aotc with work on wrathion

bump 2/12m

bump. 3/12m. LF holy pally

Still looking for dps

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pick me me :slight_smile:

bump. shad down, on to hivemind.

interested in a shadow priest? my enh shammy main is currently 7/12M priest is 12/12h (not completed with current guild) feel free to check out my pug logs lol.

really looking to raid with the shadowpriest on weekends. happy to help people run keys or also run heroic. can help assist with bosses that arent dead yet if you want as well. let me know!
hit me up on bnet: Salty#1866 or on discord Dan!#7987

Do you need me?

Added you! :slight_smile:

Hello! I am a healer main (primarily paladin right now) looking to get into shadowlands with a solid and social group of people. I’ve been playing on-and-off solo through Legion and BfA and I am looking for a group headed into Shadowlands. If you have a need for any healer spec let me know as I have quite a lot of experience with every spec and plan on levelling them all as alts leading into Shadowlands in prep for class changes and testing.