Casual player just looking for a home

horde or ally is okay!
Just sick of bad super big guild getting mad at me for being CASUAL lol

Hey Necrolaii,

We’re looking to add a few more casuals.

Parts Unknown - Zul’Jin (US)

We offer a casual raiding environment that focuses on achieving AoTC. Ideally, we’re also looking for people that like to run Mythic + and also log in on non-raid nights.


8/8 H EP

Raid Schedule:

Thursday and Monday from 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST.


2x RDPS (Mages, Shadow Priest, Boomkins, Hunter & Elemental Shaman)
2x MDPS (Warriors, Demon Hunters Rogue & Monks)
1x Tank (Any Class)

Contact Hpnotiq#11936 if you’re interested.

Lok’tar, friend! Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde is recruiting for 8.3. We raid progression Fri/Sat 7-10 central and have a more casual group on Thursdays 7-10 central.

Casuals are always welcome; the more the merrier!

Ember#1670 bnet
Ember#2528 disc

Looking for a guild to call home, progress in content while in the company of a fun group of friends?
Kings of Chaos Arygos-Llane is expanding our Core Ranks. Raiding Tue & Thu 7 - 10 Server.
Filling multiple roles. PST for Info.

planeswalker94#8509 (discord)