Spy Addon Breaks WPvP

I can really see the appeal of this addon. But hiding behind mountains, debris and structures used to be a very real tactic for in WPvP. With Spy, it breaks it. And yeah, you get the upper hand knowing where players are but it’s not part of the actual game or your class unless you’re a hunter/druid with track humanoids.
I love PvP, but really this should be banned so original vanilla tactics can return again.

This certainly needed its own thread.

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It simply takes the fun out of WPvP. Wish Blizzard paid more attention to it.

Really? What a novel perspective. Thank you for creating a new thread to express this sentiment. All the other “ZOMG SPY ADDON OP PLZ BAN” threads were missing that certain something.

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How many of those threads do you think are OP’s?

And as a result of folks being vocal: