A Solution to FP Camping & Spy

I’ve been trying to think of how Blizzard can solve the problem of FP camping and Spy.

Essentially the problem as I see it is this:

  1. You land from FP and die as an honorless target.
  2. You rez, and can’t get away from spy, dying, granting honor to the campers.
  3. Rinse and Repeat.

Here are some solutions I’ve thought of, (excluding faction queues to fix the current imbalance):

  1. (Spy) Disable combat logs for the opposing faction when they are not in combat with you.
  2. (FP Camping) If you die an honorless target, you should rez as an honorless target; fully refreshed buff. Killing an honorless target should also apply diminishing honor returns.

The first solution should have minimal side effects. It would still allow addons like Details and Recount to work, while mitigating the usefulness of Spy.

The second solution has the potential for abuse, but, I feel like it would disincentivize players enough that FP camping would be far less common.



The whole point of Spy’s design is to take the effort out of situational awareness.


Should have rolled PvE


#2 may work. Not sure what you meant by diminishing honor returns when the target is already honorless. Something like punishing a future honor gain?

Elite Guards could work as a better/easier deterrent then what we don’t have.

EDIT: Maybe a Paladin’s Bubble for the duration you are honorless? You can’t attack/cast spells & are immune to damge until the bubble is either clicked off or you become worth honor.


Is that true that you are currently honorless when landing at an fp?

Should be, be careful though the moment you attack back/defend yourself you become worth honor IIRC.

EDIT: Just felt I helped you gain honor & you were ganking people at FP’s prior since your a gnome rogue

Yes but when you res after you are a valid HK. So the strategy is to camp FPs, even though that initial kill is honorless, they have to res near their body which means you have a steady stream of people returning to their bodies for you to camp, all of which are subsequently HKs.

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Yeah basically you land they CC you until the debuff is off then kill you lol.

So DBM for PvP?

That’s not how the Combat Log works, at all. Events fire nonstop, regardless of being “in combat” or not.

Sounds good.

Yes, you get the honorless target buff when landing. But if you fight back when getting attacked you lose the buff. Most people panic and pop aoes or some sort of slowing effect to try and get away. That removes the buff and makes you worth honor.

And if there is a Mage in the group casting Detect Magic on you, they will know when you removed the buff and it’s safe to kill you :kissing_heart:

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I understand the combat log doesn’t currently work that way, but it would be easy to change what gets logged and when. Simply don’t log if an opposing reaction is involved in the event, and you / immediate party / raid is not involved.

Here’s the thing about the FP camp, you already do not give honor when you land, it’s on a CD. But most people are killing you to keep you there then camp you after. It’s horrible in all honesty. I’m not even fighting players my level for one reason, they are being camped by 60’s for fast HK’s and we are on the same boat of not being able to progress. It’s kinda annoying.

Exactly, I’m my to come up with a way to prevent addons like this from working.

You misunderstand. The API calls and the parameters associated with those calls would need complete overhauls to accomplish this, and this also completely goes against the entire point of having an open-access Combat Log in the first place that has been accessible since pre-release. They specifically overhauled the log in Patch 2.4 to open it up even more than it was previously, as well as clean up the code to make it easier for addons to read.

It just isn’t a toggle that can be flipped on or off.

I haven’t looked at the api, but, why couldn’t Blizzard simply limit what’s returned?

I wouldn’t want to make a breaking change to the api, just limit the returned values to prevent addons like spy from being so effective.


Look for yourself. The info is simply dumped, then checked against other actions after the fact. Things like Stealth hiding subsequent actions from EVERYONE is because the hideCaster parameter is flagged as TRUE while the Stealth aura holds, and no one has a TRUE value for visibility.

Splicing it along “in combat” or “am involved” would require adding additional parameters not already in the code, not to mention you’d need “in combat” to be counted as some sort of pseudo-party affiliation rather than what it is presently: you’re either in combat or you’re not in combat.

That’s why calls to break Spy are just not going to work. A single API call is used, the one above, and from there the addon can sort/filter to its heart’s content with the massive data dump. This API call is also what makes just about any buff duration, boss mod, cast timer, cast warning, etc, addon work, so you’re not just asking for Spy to be broken, but you’re asking for just about every PvE and PvP addon that even touches the log to be broken as well.

Blizzard designed the log to be simple and accessible.

You could either change this, or…

…calculate this on the client.

Yeah let’s undo something that’s been in place since pre-launch.

So you want everything hidden first, new variables added, calculated using newly added variables, and then presented if visible?