SPY ADDON Removal Entirely


First thank you for taking the time to read this. Please comment on this topic, positive or negative comments are WELCOME here.
I believe the spy addon is cheating, here are the reasons why:
Stealth classes/players rely on the element of surprise to fight and gain and advantage. This addon robs them of this element of the game. I would go so far as saying that it cripples them if that element is taken away.
I believe that spy addon is an unfair in the aspect that it takes no skill any longer to find and attack other players. If they are located for you, this skill no longer needs to be honed/learnt.
I believe that the Nerf to the range (100 to 50 yards) is a band-aid on a MUCH bigger issue.
Removal Entirely is the best fix
Come on Blizzard you are smarter than this.

THANK YOU again for taking the time to read/respond to this post positive or negative i want to hear your thoughts.

Spy Addon Breaks WPvP

You see, this is what happens when Blizzard creates the precedent of breaking an addon. It makes people think (in most cases rightfully) that blizzard believes the addon is breaking the game.

Now Blizzard is going to deal with this on more addons not just Spy. And these changes will be the link to connect it all.


The only way for them to remove an addon is to break parts of the API to a point where they can no longer exist. That range nerf was their attempt to reduce the effectiveness of Spy-like addons without making addons of other kinds not worth existing.

Truth is that Blizzard cannot completely stop Spy without smashing apart many addons out there. It uses many things that even simple addons use. Have an addon that customizes your tooltip while hovering over an enemy? Spy uses some of that API. Have an addon that gets the cast bar of your enemy? Spy uses some of that. Have an addon that gives you your coordinates? Have an addon that parses chat text to create a neat LFG interface? An addon that shares data through the hidden addon chat channels? An addon that involves generating secure action buttons?

Blizzard can’t stop it completely, but they can adjust somethings. For example, Blizzard stopped addons from detecting Feign Death by having it not show up in the combat logs. They could do the same with stealth. They could nerf the range on targeting or mousing over an enemy. But Spy will most definitely exist in some form or another.

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Dude. It made it more effective. I now know they are within 50 yards and not across the zone. How is that a nerf?
The beeping was getting annoying anyways.


I am not even talking about just Stealth classes! My beef is just being a good player and avoiding the roads and hiding when you see a band of Horde running by is completely countered by this Automated add on!

If I play my Warlock or Priest and peek over the hill and see some Horde near, I run inside the hut, or tower, or hid under the bridge or in the water to wait for them to pass. Thats great game play, SPY makes all that useless because it will auto scan me inside a building or hiding under the water and pop up telling the Horde I am near!


Spy does what the PLAYER should be doing, if Horde wants to find me they should dive in the water and swim down and look for me, SPY does it for them!


I think Blizzard did a great job hurting the effectiveness of the addon. I truly don’t think it is a problem anymore.


I really hope so, I recently had someone find me in the middle of nowhere and it seems to happen more than it naturally would, like through walls and around a mountain but im 50 yards away its like… uhh how did a warrior know I was here?
How is this addon not cheating, exactly? ya ya… clever use of game code.


Spy could do better with showing this. If you mouseover, you get similar results to the combat log many times.


Why does opposing faction need access to my Combat log? If I hit you you read your combat log Gash hits you for xxx damage.

You shouldn’t need my combat log or have access to it quite frankly.


It is fine and I say this as a rogue. If anything Blizzard in their infinite wisdom made it more effective when the range got pushed down.


Whether its fine or not how about we just remove it from existence and remove all types of addons that give advantages, I have a feeling some players cant play without the help of addons and are crying in defense of these cheater addons.


Or how about you play the game you want without add-ons and the rest of us can play how we want. Nobody is forcing anything on YOU.


This is EXACTLY my point! I am not even talking bout stealth here. As I stated before if I am playing my Warlock and use under water breathing to farm and hide under the sea, no Horde unless a Hunter with humanoid tracking should know I am there.

But with SPY, any Horde passing that area will know because SPY will automatically parse my combat log and pop up telling them I am near. Then all they have to do is do a 360 scan and go Hmmmmm, let me look in the water!

This add on prevents good game play!


I don’t have a magical ability that shows me where people are, why should other people?


That’s just the thing though. Even if they cut you out of a person’s combat log (and broke a small part of castbar add-ons) there will be more that you wouldn’t like. If you attacked raid member #2 or they mouseovered you, an add-on could alert me to it.


Yes, people sometimes would randomly find each other but with this addon its a joke, they can just hunt you down with combat log damage even though they are not the same faction, but lets pretend like the people who actually download this thing are good at the game, they are skilled.


An in game ADD On should not completely counter a Players good game play, and SPY does!


Its called a “must have” because of how strong it is, I’m glad the most tactical thing we have is a downloaded addon. great gameplay


it doesn’t show you where they are, but just tells you they are nearby. If you want a real fix have Blizzard extend the range instead of shrinking it. There is no way they can break this add-on completely.